Police worker shot in safety demonstration sues for £300K

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. Police worker shot during safety demonstration sues for £300,000

    "Keith Tilbury, 51, a control-room operator, was injured after a police marksman's gun went off accidentally.

    Mr Tilbury was one of a dozen staff sitting in a semi-circle around PC David Micklethwaite.

    The constable was giving a lecture to employees and showing the kind of weapons police officers can come up against.

    While he was demonstrating the Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum, the gun used by Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry movies, it suddenly went off.

    Civilian Mr Tilbury was blown off his chair and thrown half way across the room.

    Paramedics managed to stabilise him at the Thames Valley headquarters in Kidlington, Oxfordshire. He underwent life-saving surgery at the nearby John Radcliffe Hospital.

    The bullet had miraculously missed all vital organs and passed through his body.

    Although still employed by the police Mr Tilbury has not returned to work.

    PC Micklethwaite said he had no idea the handgun was loaded with live ammunition.

    He was not charged following the shooting but has been taken off firearms duties.

    A second official also told an investigation he believed the weapon was unloaded.

    Mr Tilbury, of Hersham, Surrey, has taken out a High Court writ against the Thames Valley chief constable.

    A Thames Valley Police spokesman confirmed the writ had been received but was unable to make any further comment. "

    My underlining. Now may be being a tad dense, but we are talking about a revolver here. Been a while since I used one, but seem to recall that it is not exactly difficult to check........

  2. any body trained in weapons knows he or she should check them, no excuse. Slack drills, should be binned
  3. wow.... that's amazing, i true proffesional

    wow again....
  4. You can't beat a bit of cock, kook and look can you?!?! So much for the 7 point checks. Police......I've shit 'em.
  5. As we all know firearms "suddenly go off" all the time, particularly with revolvers, once you've cocked it and sqeezed the trigger, accidentally of course. As for the effects, pure Hollywood bullsh1t. If the victim had been blown of his chair and half way across the room, then the laws of physics dictate that our plod hero must have suffered a similar fate. Fact is the load of around 18-20 grains of powder wouldn't blow a cat that far never mind a human.
  6. I bet Mr.Tilbury didn't feel lucky.
  7. Err, Gross Negligence causing grievous bodily harm.

    If I'd been on the receiving end I'd be bringing every charge I could think of.

    I wouldn't trust the copper involved with a loaded stapler let alone anything else.
  8. Eh??

    don't you cock, hook and look?
  9. In all the excitement, PC Micklethwaite kinda lost count...
  10. Not on a revolver :twisted:
  11. It's like being back in Primary School..
  12. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    A cuff round the skull and 5 laps round the block with the GPMG above your head was the usual punishment for falling asleep during a SAA lesson when I was in training. Plod obviously prefers a more hardcore approach, good for them.
  13. I bet their faces were a picture while their ears were ringing. :wink:
  14. Why would you want to shoot me? Have I mine sweeped your beer or even worse? It also depends on where the target is hit, most victims just fall over. Flinching would only occur with minor hits.
    As for electrocution, it has nothing to do with sub-concious instinct, it's muscle spasms.
    Do you have trouble telling chalk from cheese?

    PS Althought I have never seen anybody get shot, one of the blokes in my shooting club, an army doctor, does have relevant experience and loves telling the gory details.