Police womans sickness

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by chucklingchimp, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. After taking 848 DAYS off sick in five years, WPC calls it quits as bosses launch disciplinary action

    Hinah Parekh, 43, claimed that racist abuse from fellow police officers was making her unwell and signed off with depression and stress
    A woman police officer who took 848 days off sick in five years has resigned.

    Hinah Parekh, 43, claimed that racist abuse from fellow police officers was making her unwell and signed off with depression and stress.
    She managed an average of only five shifts a month from her job at Belgravia police station in Central London.However she did not take her case to an employment tribunal and senior officers finally launched disciplinary proceedings.

    They found that she had worked 327 days out of a potential 1,175 since 2006.

    Ms Parekh then resigned before she could be sacked.A Metropolitan Police spokesman today confirmed that Ms Parekh left the police after she learned she faced disciplinary proceedings for unsatisfactory attendance.He said: 'A police constable from Westminster borough who had been subject to unsatisfactory performance and attendance proceedings, resigned from service during the past 12 months.'

    Reports suggest that senior officers did not act sooner because they feared they would become embroiled in a damaging race row.
    Two years ago Ms Parekh wept as she supported a tribunal claim of another Asian officer who also claimed he was subjected to racism at Belgravia police station.

    She told Central London Employment tribunal: 'I had experienced bullying from colleagues involving calling me names, ignoring me, pushing me to go drinking, publicly humiliating me and being completely insensitive to my religious and cultural beliefs and my obligation as a single parent.'
    The former officer claimed the abuse continued when she was moved to a new job.

    Ms Parekh averaged only five shifts a month since 2006 at her job at Belgravia police station, above She said her supervisor 'explained she had been bullied in the past and said people from my culture do get bullied and this was not the kind of role they would stay in'.
    'During the whole of the period that I worked with her at least once during each shift pattern I would be called to her office and she would say "I'm here to help" but always telling me that ethnic minorities don't fit in with this role,' she added.'She would always make me feel extremely uncomfortable about sometimes having to take time off to care for my daughter. Her behaviour was undermining and controlling.'

    The Met denied allegations of racism and bullying.
  2. I bet she is gutted that she is missing tomorrows overtime.
  3. Clearly a bluffing cunt who got caught out. Gives it the biggun about being bullied but never took it to an employment tribunal and jumped ship rather than defending herself.

  4. ;-) Unbelievable isnt it?
  5. Her managers are to blame as well why did they let it go on for so long?Whats happened with a robust monitoring system for sickness?
  6. FFS malingering bitch will be a fucking propaganda Godsend to the BNP/EDL muppets having bled the system and hidden behind equality legislation. Also her higher ups should hang their heads in shame for not having the balls to sack her years ago.
  7. Shame the Police don`t take her to a tribunal and try to recoup the sick pay that they have paid her.
  8. Possibly, but she's managed to con the met for 5 years, only managing to work 327 days in that time, Its a bloody joke, FFS in the real world prior to all the "umin rites" & diversity bollocks, she would have been on the scrap heap long ago! Now she's probably going to use one of the vultures that call themselves Lawyers to claim loads of dosh for "racial bullying" or some such crap, & we the tax payers will have to pay for it, it makes me sick! :-(
  9. The article said senior officers didn't start disciplinary proceedings earlier because they didn't want to get stuck in a race row.

    It's bad that senior officers are scared of dealing with people because they might be embroiled in a race row. Not only does this make them look weak but it goes to show that the problem of people shouting racism at every opportunity has got so bad people are scared to take necessary steps.
  10. Happens quite a lot, no-one wants to be tagged as a racist.
  11. That's the problem they've got, can't do anything for fear of the 'R' card or any of the other six strings of diversity. Met is still chastising itself over the Lawrence case as are all Police Forces. She's not alone either, sadly imx

    Edited to add:

    Not bad looking though :)
  12. It says something about the state of the country when mangers are scared to investigate/discipline employees in case they get the race card bunged at them!!Its that old saying again...Couldn`t make it up if your tried.
  13. So if it had been a white officer they would of acted sooner??Thats discrimination...its a fukcing joke...
  14. If people are in the right 9and not being racist) then they shouldn't have to fear the race card.