Police with the forces?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by fluffer, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Ive been told that civvy police cannot arrest military personel and it is left up to the military police to deal with it.

    Is that true?
  2. I would suggest that this is untrue.
  3. Nope, not i the slightest, having been the wrong side of a civpol cell door afew times :D
  4. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Not true in the slightest degree.

    American forces can be arrested by civpol, but are usually dealt with by their own authorities under the auspices of The Visiting Forces Act. This even covers capital crimes, such as murder, rape and Arson.
  5. Even the German Bobbies can arrest us :( However on the Night of the Magnificent Seven one was heard to mention "For you Tommy ze var is over" which made it all worth while.

    Off thread is there any truth to the old dit about Military Fines going to RHC? If so I should have paid for the new wing single handed by now. :oops:
  6. True. Under the Military Powers Act (1938) civil authorities, including police, ARP wardens, Civil Defence personnel and most other local and national organisations may not:

    "(iii) Arrest, detain, restrict or otherwise contain the liberty of a member of the Armed Forces(2), except (vi) at the command of the appropriate Military Authority(xiii)."

    Don't believe me? Take a swing at a copper then quote the above Act to him. Laugh like a drain as he realises he can't do a thing.
  7. Ah, so how did poo_finger get arrested then if they are not permitted to do so?
  8. No. If it's within their jurisdiction, they can lift you.
  9. So the squaddy me and one of my specials nicked last weekend was unlawfull then?

    I think not (though he seemed to)

  10. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  11. What he said! Google it, there is no such Act!
  12. You're obvioulsy unfamiliar with the 'Sevice Personnel Immunity From Any Wrongdoing Act 1923' then Constable?

    May I draw your attention to s.1, which states 'A person is not guilty of any offence whatsoever, despite his conduct or state of sobriety, if he is the rightful keeper of an MOD F 90, whether in possession of said document at the material time, or not, and 'squaddie', 'barrack room lawyer' and 'arsewipe' shall be construed accordingly.'

    May I suggest you read up on said Act?
  13. You mean someone just made all that up? Why would they do that? That's terrible.

    The gummint should do something about that Interweb.
  14. When the young Welsh soldier died from a 'beasting' he happened to die in Salisbury General Hospital which meant that the Service Police had no jurisdiction over the case and Wiltshire Constabulary dealt with it throughout.

    The Deepcut deaths were dealt with by the Service Police as they occued on MOD property, so that leads me to believe that the actual location of the event seems to decide who has jurisdiction. I may be wrong though.
  15. Is there kind of a rivalry between the police and the forces or is it neutral on the western front?