Police with SA80

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gunnerfalkey, May 2, 2009.

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  1. I was a tad confused and slightly bewildered when i came upon this photo featuring a WPC with one.


    Have the police been issued L85's? What's the story behind this, anyone know?
  2. MOD Plod?
  3. I thought Mod plod used MP5's and MP7's?

    She's too attractive for MODP anyway..... :D
  4. Saw MOD police (A few years ago) with SA80 with Black Furniture! Didn't know they made any!
  5. Thats an old photo, recently some MOD plod have updated to Hk's.
  6. Is it to protect her from Swine Flu ?
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Nah, she's got a .308 for that - as you can see from her visog, she's sitting on it.
  8. For 08/09 1,878 have been issued to the MoD Police

    Said this book infront of me anyway...
  9. Blimey, what has happened to the old "Ello ello ello, what we got 'ere then?
    By the way, she is a fine looking Sheila.
  10. Hmm, I see its fitted with susat, do they expect MoD police to engage at ranges beyond 300?
  11. yes, MDP went to the MP7 but shortly they will be going to the A2 with gangster handle at some of the nuclear stations
  12. Thought nuclear stations were guarded by CNC?
  13. Undoubtebly MOD Plod. MP7 replaced SA80 and Browning in 2005, but I seem to recall that the MOD press release said that small amounts of the old weapons would be retained for 'specialist use'.
  14. CNC guard civil nuclear plants, like power stations. Mod Plod guard the military nuclear facilities.
  15. First batch of L98A2s had black furniture. Subsequent and future batches swill revert to the new style green foregrip and furniture.

    The original A1 had a civvy/police version, The 5.56 rifle 'super Ensign' was identical to the L85A1 except for being permanently set to R and the selector removed, and likely had black furniture. Civvies never got their hands on them thanks Michael Ryan of Hungerford, and the police weren't keen either, but I've heard some say say that at least one Northern force trialled them operationally before binning them in favour of MP5s. It is believed 100 or so production prototypes were built.

    What happened to them after this trial and the demise of RSAF Enfield is sketchy as records have been lost, or not even kept. Some say that the first batch of L98A2s were conversions/refurbs of these Ensigns, that had been gathering dust in an RAF Armoury for nearly twenty years, which might explain why the first batch have black furniture?