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Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by regular_imbiber, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. Bit of a tricky one this but do the Poh-Leece have an equivalent to our UWO set-up? I know someone who's ex-mob,in the Police and from time to time ends up in a pretty bad way. He served on OP TELIC.

    Some people on ARRSE dont believe in PTSD or at best think that "sufferers" are Walts or embellishing their symptoms so we wont call it PTSD but he suffers from flashbacks,nightmares,depression etc. This seems to be worse when he handles bodies (which is probably more than 99% of people who use these forums) so my question is,is there an agency within the Police he can get help from? I've told him about the various agencies open to ex-squaddies but I think he's worried that the Police might see this as a conflict of interest.

    The first steps are the hardest and I've persuaded him to see his GP so thats something.

    Cheers for your help/advice.
  2. I don't know the answer to your query but good effort mate. Getting him to the GP is an achievement.

    I do wonder how it could be a 'conflict of interest'.

    Good luck to the man.
  3. "conflict of interest" is probably the wrong phrase; I'm trying to articulate that he wants to keep the Police and the Army separate in this matter.
  4. All forces will have a medical/welfare department. Be careful you don't get him put out on a medical discharge which might happen if he is considered unstable and the force knows about it.
  5. On the other hand if he's unable to deal with a situation that may put himself or others in danger then he needs to address his problems.

    Paramount must be that he gets adequate help for his condition, anything else is secondary. The Police are a modern organisation and are going to be fully aware of PTSD, indeed they have many cases of PTSD of their own. He needs help and all support should go towards getting him that help.
  6. Thanks lads, all noted.
  7. Does his force have an occupational/welfare department? Plenty do and have persons well placed within them to assist and help. Also, the services at Harrogate and Auchterarder may be available to him. Suggest he speaks to his fed rep about the latter. Best of luck.
  8. He will without doubt have a force counselling dept. Each force is legally compelled to provide it (duty of care blah) I am very confident that as soon as PTSD is identified (or even mentioned) then he will be placed on a programme of conuselling.

    I used to be CBRN trained in my force. When I was asked during a medical as to whether I had EVER suffered from claustrophobia, I answered truthfully (in other words, yes) I was immediately placed onto a programme of counselling, one to one with the force counsellor. Despite assuring him that I was now OK, he insisted that I be permanently withdrawn from CBRN role, as he could not guarantee that I wouldn't rip off my rezzy, thereby putting all at risk. I was lucky, mind you, not to be taken off frontline duties, and had my work cut out persuading him otherwise. I was not given biffchit status, but it was a near thing.

    Permanently withdrawn from CBRN. I was distraught........!
  9. If he's in the Met then there are counsellors who can help and an occupational health department, Phone numbers are on the intranet
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  10. If he's unstable and the force doesn't know about it, he's in the shit if he does anything stupid. If the force does know about it, however, they have a duty of care towards him and can re-assign him to less stressful duties, either temporarily or permanently. If he's struggling as badly as you suggest, he needs to get himself referred to his welfare department ASAP, at the very least to ensure that if he does have to leave, at least it will be on a medical pension. If he sticks the nut on someone in the cells without telling anyone about his problems, he'll likely be sacked and get fcuk all.
  11. Too true. I'll tell you this; if they get wind that he has not fully disclosed, they will be on his case. Any reason not to pay out, you know the drill. Put the onus on them and their 'duty of care'
  12. Good advice and info on here; some of it quite startling!!! Thanks to all who've taken the time to reply.