Police wearing wings

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Just reading in the latest Pegasus journal that the Chief Constable of Humberside Police, Tim Hollis has put his wings on his dress uniform. He served with 3 Para in the 70's. Has he started a trend now and will every copper with a military badge start sewing them onto their police uniform?
  2. Why not if he earned it..... :)
  3. It's not on their everyday uniform though, just their version of No2's.
  4. He was presented the dress wings by the local police authority I think. Don't see it starting a trend but if you earn 'em, why not. BTW no I don't have any...
  5. Fcuking right, got a few mates in the 'Filth' who wear their medals so why not 'Wings' etc!
  6. Never seen it before though, I wear a sneaky set of wings at work on one of my items of uniform, we're not supposed to but fcuk em!
  7. Forgot to mention FJ that there is a write up on Paddy in it too.
  8. I've got wings sewn onto my dressing gown. How sad is that? :(
  9. Isn't he supposed to wear a light bulb if his jumps aren't current, which they wouldn't be if he got them in the seventies and is a copper now. Unless he is TA and I doubt that.
    You have a dressing gown!!!!!!! :D
  10. I thought that was the norm!
  11. No mate, once earned they can't be taken off you unless you refuse to jump. The lightbulb was for blokes who'd done their jumps course but hadn't served in the Airborne Bde.
  12. Yeah, read it mate. He's slowly getting better! Hopefully he'll be back at work in a limited role soon.
  13. Chief Constable Tim Hollis -- nickname "Reg" surely? :)
  14. Which is why I know feck all. Thanks for that :D
  15. They cannot be taken from you at all.

    They are amongst the few badges in the army that are issued in perpetuity. Once you have earned them - then they are yours forever, they cannot be taken from you irrespective of whether your jumps are current or whether you are in a parachute unit.

    As I recall there are only a few badges that fall into this category (PARA is one and a few others (EOD I think), they were listed in MATREGS - although I have not searched JSP 336, although I expect it will be there). That is why certain badges cannot be worn at certain ranks e.g. ACI, Signaller, Skill at Arms Instr and a few others may be fine at Cpl - but not at Sgt (unless you are employed specifically in role).