Police warn public not to approach two escaped porcupines in the Penrith area

Date Published: 31/07/2013 10:13
Police were called at 9.07am this morning (31[SUP]st[/SUP] July) following the escape of two porcupines from Wetheriggs Animal Rescue & Conservation Centre at Clifton Dykes, Penrith.

Police are warning members of the public to not approach the porcupines as when feeling threatened, they run backwards at their aggressor and spike them with their quills.

Terry Bowes, who runs Wetheriggs Animal Rescue & Conservation Centre, said: “The porcupines are father and son. They are nocturnal animals so chances of seeing them in the day is unlikely. We are looking for the safe return of the animals as soon as possible and I would advise people not to approach them.”

Inspector Craig Lory mirrored Mr Bowes concerns, he said: “We advise that the public do not approach the animals or try to touch them, they can cause injury if they feel threatened. We hope to locate the porcupines as soon as possible and return them to Wetheriggs.”

If you spot the porcupines, please contact Cumbria Police on 101

Cops will probably attempt to shoot them and miss much smaller target than a cow
Whats all the fuss about...its a father and son who have nipped out on the lash, its nothing to do with them being nocturnal to why you wont see them in the daylight its because they are probably spit roasting a hedgehog somewhere.

Police will probably arrest them for carrying blades.

Mark The Convict

I'd have to run backwards at an aggressor if I wanted to show them the bald patch on the back of my scrote, but it doesn't make me a ****ing porcupine, does it now?

Ignorant, electrician-murdering ****s.
Where is Ravers when you need him?
Porcupines = CA ??
I dont get the point of this thread

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