Police warn parents after mob attacks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, May 31, 2005.

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  1. It's A Clockwork Orange 2005!


    I do not have the desire to be either a victim of harassment or violence and I am fortunate enough to live in an area that sees little trouble.

    However, in the unlikely event of any trouble, I keep to hand a 3 foot long section of wood that handles very much like a baseball bat and that has a legitimate and prominent household function.

    And, if placed in an unpleasant situation, I will have no compunction in swinging it with great force and furthermore, in the event of an unsympathetic hearing from the local bobbies, I will refuse to give them any co-operation beyond my name and address and will use all necessary efforts to smear the force (and divisional officers) in the press as soft on crime and tough on householders, whilst waiting for prosecutors to drop the case because of a lack of co-operation and general hassle.

    Paranoid or realistic?

  2. C*nts. Little c*nts.
  3. I was fuming when I heard about the teacher who snapped after months of intimidation by teenagers and fired a BB gun (or other replica thing) at the ground near one of them - and she got sent to prison and lost her job.

    Those thugs are now laughing their arrses off - and the poor dears will probably sue the woman for trauma or something. Utter filth.
  4. Could not have put it any better Biscuits...
  5. Ah this lovely Socialist paradise in which we now live, human rights for all....oh apart from us who work and contribute to the state.........taking our pots of money from the treasury and pouring into a black hole called Africa........irrespective if it does go to some swiss bank account or build better, more equiped armies.......I could go on but my blood pressure is dangerously high
  6. This littany of assaults/murders is disgusting. I really think that Borstal and other "educational" establishments should be re-introduced and the public birchings for slightly less physical crimes. If the miscrient is under say 14, then the "parents/guardians" should be behind bars along with the little sh 1 ts

    Thank the gods that I don't nor will ever have fcuking kids.

  7. Vigilante groups, armoured land rovers, black nomex suits, scary helmets, batons. Break some of the little $hits, and scare the rest into spending their time playing chess and crocheting tea-cosies.
    Our pi$$-weak government only defends 'rights' and impresses no responsibility - the problem will only get worse.
  8. Bring back the birch for both "The little c**ts" and the "big c**ts" ie the parents for letting them loose.Stop this country blaming the teachers,television,computer games and any other crappy excuse and sort out the root cause,lack of respect and poor upbringing,
  9. good idea!!!!!!
  10. Address for the recruitment office please.
  11. Bliar's thought-police would, no doubt put all effort into nailing such a band of patriots, leaving the little shites to continue their hobby. As the schoolteacher/airgun case showed. 'All faith should be put into the judicial system for resolving crimes' - where the individual has now, by his own silly voting, surrendered the very right to self defence. Makes me foam at the mouth, but an electorate tends to get the government it deserves.

    On the other hand, perhaps a P.O box couldnt hurt...
  12. In my more misanthropic moments, I have considered the feasibility of petrol-bombing large and intimidating gangs of youths.

    Points in favour:

    1. These weapons can be employed for shock value without causing significant risk to life, if thrown at an appropriate spot (ie downwind and not close enough to splash).

    2. The evidence will largely destroy itself.

    3. Everyone has bottles and most people have access to petrol.

    4. If a Buckfast bottle is employed and the grenadier is appropriately garbed (disposable "hoodie") then another gang will be blamed.

    5. It will scare the living daylights out of anyone on the receiving end!

    Points against:

    1. It is really not the sort of thing I would want to do.

    2. If the police got wind that it was the action of a "concerned citizen" rather than a local thug, then no effort would be spared to find the culprit. Conversely, if it was suspected to be the work of a thug, then the cops would't give a t0ss!

    3. If caught, the sanctions could be severe and a policy of non-co-operation and evidence destruction might not prove sufficient.

    The verdict: A weapon of last resort, if life is really being made miserable and dangerous.
  13. I feel that a policy of cutting one of the fingers off the culprits after each offence would have the desired effect I mean they would only have to commit ten crimes before wan*king became a little difficult
  14. My Old father recently had a problem with a group of Yobs hanging around his house - they were not actually hurting anybody but they were noisy andd used alot of bad language. some of my Dad's elderly neighbours found them intimidating.

    My father is 70 years old. he picked up his stick and casually strolled over to the group. there were seven in all aged around 15-18. He politely asked them to "move on as they were causing some of the old ladies to be worried."

    the ring leader - a right gob sh1te told him to fcuk off. Within a few minutes more than a few of them had bloody noses from my father's stout stick. six of them managed to leg it but one, a fat little cnut, couldn't quite get out of reach fast enough. My dad was still beating his head against a drainpipe when the police arrived. The yobs had called them as they were scared their mate was going to be killed.

    the Policemen were a credit. no action was taken against my Dad. 70 years without being in trouble before he could hardly be branded a trouble maker. The police actually wanted to charge the yobs but after taking statements from my dad and the neighbours who were watching out of the window and talking to a senior officer it was decided that there wasn't anything to charge them with and that the beating they had got would have to be punishment again.

    My father while out walking has had abuse shouted at him by the parents of these yobs and been called "a bully" but when he crosses the street to confront them they soon scurry off and shut the fcuk up.

    a demonstation that there is but one way to deal with this kind of behaviour. A show of strength. These yobs take advantage that they hang around in groups. As Individuals they have no personal courage. they thought my father, an elderly man was an easy target.

    The police need to get tough on these scumbags. the government need to get tough on these scumbags but this is not enough. Too many people are indoctrinated to be victims. Ok you might get a few windows broken but where do you draw the line. The breakdown of cmmunity is the root of this problem.

    When we were kids this didn't happen because everybody new who we were, where we lived and that old Lairdx's dad would give him a right hiding if they told him what lairdx had been up to. we were forever in and out of everybody elses gardens.

    Some communities people don't even say hello to their next door neighbours anymore. When a community pulls together and looks out for one another a show of strength can be mustered and the scumbags will get the message. Instead what happens is one person tries to stand up for themselves and becomes the main target.

    Perhaps the best way to solve this problem would be to chop the chavs dicks off and sterilise female chavs. Eventually removing an unwanted element from society. saving a fortune in benefits payments.

    The other option I can see is to give a householder the right to use deadly force when defending his home/family. How many chavs would break into someones house to beat them up a second time if they'd recieved a garden fork up the arrse on the first occasion?
  15. Excellent post!

    I think if you act like a victim, you will end up a victim.

    Fighting back has risks - the risk of being harmed or being arrested and charged.

    The physical risk can be mitigated by using overwhelming force - like a walking stick!

    This increases the risk of being "done" by a disinterested and number-chasing prosecution system.

    But life isn't risk free! :twisted: