Police warn of summer of rage

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/feb/23/police-civil-unrest-recession

    Time to start honing those survival skills? :p

  2. I feel sorry for the ******* horses!
  3. Been sharpening up the pitchfork for months, does that count?
  4. Its times like these that you need groups like The Specials or The Clash to write some great tunes.

    Cant see Will Young or Girls Aloud writing similar to 'Ghost Town' or 'White Riot'. :roll:
  5. I Predict a Riot(Kaiser Chiefs)? :D
  6. Or how about It Fell Apart, the theme tune from the Bourne movies...

  7. Given that plenty of the rioters this time round will be pushing middle age I would think that we can just re-use both The Clash and Tthe Specials.
    I'm sure some of the forecast rioters will probably have been on the streets 20 odd years ago, just their reasons will be diferent this time round.

    All those people who have spent the last 20 plus years flogging their pan in to get what they've got aren't happy that Brown and the Bankers are throwing it away for them. Plenty other causes of discontent too.
  8. Moby released Extreme Ways in 2002, so not that recent.
  9. But still a cracking song. 8)
  10. A summer of rage sounds like the sort of thing clerics in the Middle East call for to protest the Israelis.

    Cue protest signs in imperfect English along with chants of 'Down down, Brown Brown!' accompanied by indignant jabbing of forefingers in the air :p
  11. from the Evening Standard

    More than a third of voters believe the Army will have to be brought in to deal with a "summer of rage" on British streets as the recession bites, a poll showed.

    if this is the case the song would be "rubber bullet" by 10cc
  12. Now your talking, proper music :D

    Presumably Mr Brown does not understand that millions of people are a little bit angry with him too?
  13. :lol: :x
  14. Why do you Mr Terry Hall and Co have reformed :eek:

    I won't be protesting. I will be too busy on double ching, at some demo or other .....
  15. Probably middle aged folk and pensioners rioting. In reality, it will be a typically English demonstration by these normally law abiding folk who are only trying to hand a petition into No. 10. They will stop for tea and 'Ooh' and 'Ahh' at all the lovely buildings and parks that they walk past.

    It will be broken up by baton rounds, CS gas, big feck off dogs, riot squad heavies and water cannons. Lots of arrests will be made. Maybe the odd copper will chip a nail in the process but it will make the headlines as a 'riot'. Remember the 'Keep Hunting' protests of yesteryear? I was there, sonny...

    Problem is that the civvy population has been bred and programmed to act like docile sheep. They normally shrug and pay up - that's the English way. Some of them get really irate and write a letter to the Daily Wail but only if they're pushed.