Police walk out of merger farce

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, May 17, 2006.

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  1. The four Welsh chief constables have told new Home Secretary John Reid they are withdrawing from discussions over the idea of an all-Wales police force.

    The chief constables had backed the merger in principle, but warned that a merger of the country's four police forces should not go ahead unless more money was found.

    Conservative shadow Welsh secretary Cheryl Gillan said the chief constables had "thrown the whole merger process into chaos" and that had shown the UK government had "got the whole process completely wrong".

    Good for them. Its all tosh merging Forces. Down here in Hants the Chief Con has basically told the Home Office we are not interested and gone independent

  2. why is it such a bad idea? surly it would cut red-tape & admin expenses? are the chief constables only pi##ed because 3 of them will be losing their jobs me wonders?
  3. Have to agree with this.

    Have one police force (not a service), with regional command centres. All data is centralised and retreivable. Also, sack all "community police" types and hire 1 real copper for every 2-3 of these mongs sacked, then cut the red tape and make crimes crimes again. If you go to prison you stay in there until your time is up. Not enough prison room, well hard luck, dont commit a crime then.

    Job done. And you dont need to spend millions on a think-tank to come up with it either!
  4. Don't see a problem with it myself. How much will it cost the tax payer though and will we be getting our moneys worth by the Government recruiting more police officers and less of these PCSO things. If it works for the rank and file and it's the rank and file we should be listening to, then it's a good thing. If it causes grief with those on the beat, then let's not make a bobbies lot any worse than it is. As for Police Management? I couldn't care less how many of them lose thier jobs.
  5. Oh I forgot, all coppers must go on language courses to tell them how to say certain phrases such as -

    "Your nicked!"

    "We're the Sweeney son and we havent had any dinner!"

    "Oi, you!"

    "You scrote!"

    etc. etc.

    Plus of course the mandatory, Un-PC course.
  6. where can the money be saved by merger? the same number of coppers are all to be doing the same jobs, they are all going to have to administrated.
    less people cannot admin more people and all badges and uniforms ,letterhweads etc will have to changed. where is the savings?

    think RRS.
  7. black_masters - Currently there are 43 police forces in the UK. Each of them will have their own management, HR, IT, MT, procurement and whateverelsetheycanthinkof departments. Amalgamating forces removes some of this duplication. At least thats what consultancies like the one I work for are trying to sell!

    Turkeys don't vote for Xmas - fewer forces means fewer senior posts, so if I was a career senior copper I'd be thinking very carefully about backing it. This is why forces like Cleveland and those in Wales seem so hostile.

    The other element is around improving the standard of anti-terrorist and serious crimes services. The thinking is that the smaller forces are constrained in their ability to deliver these, and end up relying on their larger neighbours. Certainly this is currently the case for 24hr armed response cover and helicopters.

    Of course, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for the private sector is the IT transformation work that everyone thinks is going to be required to make this all work. And we all know how well those go...

    At the end of the day, this is going to happen. It won't be driven by improving service, but rather because its cheaper.
  8. Sounds like the Chief Constables are afraid of losing their own little empires :mrgreen:

    Who`s he think he is...some kind of warlord :x
  9. Actually no, served in the Ulster Defence Regiment, being commissioned in 1976. On graduating in 1978 he joined the Royal Ulster Constabulary and served throughout Northern Ireland.
  10. Time plod pulled finger out of arsses, and got more efficent. Time for a UK wide force, I really couldn't give a tinkers cuss what badge was stuck on his/hers tit.
  11. Answer to that is Impossible! No chance of a UK wide Force.
  12. The people who mentioned red-tape are right, it's supposedly a cost-cutting exercise which has an initial outlay - If they can do it right I'm in favour

    The armed repsonse teams and helicopters - Too right, some areas are too small for their own dedicated force, larger area can afford to have one, these smaller areas normally end up "borrowing" these personel, why not just merge them? If done right...

    Also sharing of information. The idea is that the police will have greater access to crime records etc quicker, so less of the old Soham girls problem. In theory.

    You're not losing "local policing really" as my idea of local policing is what they call "community policing". What I care about is the exact area where I live and work, and how things go overall. Not if Norfolk outperforms Suffolk by 27 paedophiles to 25.
  13. India-juliet. Why, exactly? Lots of other 1st world countries manage well enough.

    I do understand that there are emotional ties (capbadge, tradition etc), that should be recognised and not forgotten. But there must be evolution and recognition that change is inevitable. If chief constables such as Hampshire, Cleveland and the Waleses keep blocking change they will see a nasty, unavoidable bill come through parliament that is far more radical than the current proposal.
  14. What's the Police National Computer for then???? All Forces have access to ViSOR so there is no need for greater access, they should have all the same access!
  15. Ok, I'll bite.

    I'm a taxpayer. I don't see why I should have to pay more tax for "police forces" to keep their nice letterheads, overstaffed offices and regional capbadges when all I want is for them to do a competent job in keeping crime to a minimum. I want less chief constables wittering on about their non-existant unique regional requirements that require them to build their own pathetic empires of staff. I want proper accountability. I want effective cross border policing, serious crimes and firearms provision. I want the police to be able to get the lowest prices from suppliers for Helicopters, cars and other kit by acting as a single customer. I want the police to be a single entity across criminal justice connecting to probation, prison service, health service. I want no more excuses when regional idiosyncracies lead to criminals committing more crimes.

    And keeping things the way they are will not deliver this.