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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Anon1, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering...do many would-be police officers decide to join the Army because they are sick of the long wait?

    Basically, after going to the London Military Festival I am now considering joining the Army as an Officer as an option. Personally, in an ideal world I would like to be a Police Officer and serve in the TA as an Officer (have applied), but after nearly two years of the Police application process and in light of lowering Police entry standards joining the Army is something I feel I should consider. My only concern is that as a career-minded person will I get the opportunity to advance swiftly and make a difference in the Army?

    Anyway, that is me blathering on and threadnapping in my own thread. :x To recap, Army vs Police- do many give up on the Police and join the Army and if so do they enjoy it or regret it?
  2. Have you thought about the Community Support Officers? :D
  3. Can he swim?

    edited to add: I'll get my water-wings...
  4. I am aware some soldiers joining up going through this thought process and either feel they are too young for the police or like you are not willing to wait.

    However I would guard against your plan to 'advance quickly'. We all like to think we are legends in our own lunch time but the reality may be you advance in line with the rest of us mortals.

    As for making a difference, I make a difference every day! Today I wore red socks just to be different and tomorrow I will push the boat out and wear wacky boxer shorts!
  5. Yes, but I didn't have either a rabbi or a chicken so couldn't fulfil that directive :wink: .....

    Guess I'm just being an impatient sod, as at 26 I feel I should be doing something rather than sat on the sidelines waiting.....will hold on and calm down.
  6. Sorry, lost me there with the Rabbi thing.
  7. "That's it. I'm invoking space corp directive 6_8_2_5_0."
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    - Rimmer & Kryten, Red Dwarf
  8. I would say give it a go. Sign up for a short service commission and then, if you get your commission, you can then after 3 years try to convert to a regular one, providing you like the army and they like you.
    During those 3 years, if you know you are going to leave the army, start your police application process early.
    I did exactly that. 3 year SSC followed by 30 years in the police. A good decision overall, looking back.
  9. Thanks Anon1, my life is now complete.

  10. May I, as someone who left the Army after 15 years, joined the Old Bill and left them after 5 years to do 16 years in the RAF as an officer offer a comment? The Army was great was but I had reched my ceiling. The Old Bill was very, very frustraing after the Army. No esprit de corps, no respect for your offic or uniform, loads of paperwork and not much satidfaction. Back to the RAF and thouroughly enjoyed it. To answer your point, forget the Old Bill, do the Army thing, but DO NOT go back to thinking about joining the Old Bill after your Army time. You will be very very disappointed.
  11. in a fight?? My money's on the Army ;)
  12. Definatly army, Ther is just far more variation to it and for all the traveling it is well worth it
  13. You listen to just_andy, he really knows about all the variation and travel as he's in phase 1 and is going to be an electronic technition(sic). Whatever you do don't join the army because you're fed up of waiting for the police. Only join the army if you want to join the army.
  14. Anon 1,

    IMO, the worst things are:
    a. A soldier who doesn't want to be one.
    b. A police officer who doesn't want to be one.
    c. Any other bloody job done by someone who doesn't want to do it.

    Basically, find out what you really want to do and go and do it. If the police process takes a long time, that's just the way it is. If its something you really want, you'll wait for the outcome.

    In the meantime, you could try the TA as a Rupert. All areas covered then and if the police thing doesn't turn out, or you change your mind about it, then join the regs.

    I did the Army thing because i wanted to soldier, then joined the police because I wanted to police. :roll: Enjoyed both and theres lots of areas in both to specialise if you want to adapt and move yourself.

    My advice is do not do any job because it fills a gap. You'll end up bloody miserable and everyone who has to put up with your misery will want to kill you... :p

    Good luck with either/both!
  15. Well said Oppo. I also support the 'If you want to be a soldier join the Army, if you do not want to be a soldier do not join the Army' thinking. Joining the Army just because the Police application process is taking too long is not a good reason to join up. The application process for the Army can also be a long one, it is not necessarily an overnight thing. I think you should take a long hard look at your reasons for wanting to join the police and also your reasons for wanting to join the Army and decide which one you really want at this point.