Police Vote to Strike

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by exbleep, May 20, 2008.

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  1. Well, not quite. But a poll amongst police, in which 46% of them responded, almost 90% of them voted to lobby for the right to strike if recommendations by independent review bodies (on things like pay) were not implemented in full.

    LINK http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2008/may/20/tradeunions.police

    I don't think they will ever get the right to "withdraw" their labour but, if they did, maybe the Armed Forces could point to this as a precedent and try and wangle the same rights. No, that will definitely not, and should not, ever happen. The amount of time I see police not hanging round motorways or rushing back to the station for shift change over time in their Z cars could be classed as zilch so would going on strike make any difference? Would anyone notice?
  2. Op Fresco but with public order kit anyone?! :threaten:
  3. Honestly? If *I* was a tea leaf and I heard Plod was on strike, I'd be cackling and running for my crowbar.

    And you remember what the town centre everywhere looks like on the weekend? Well now imagine it minus the black maria, police cars and foot plods. And worry!
  4. The polics aspect won't happen, but the real problem with your post is the idea of the Armed forces ever having the right to strike.

    If you think about it, this will never become relevant. Even if the armed forces refused to go on combat patrols, they would still be under threat of enemy action. Therefore, everyone in the middle east and most uniformed personnel over here would have to keep working otherwise people in the sandpit would be placed in much more difficult circumstances. The only possible time for a total armed forces strike would be when we are not engaged in operations. A possible alternative would be to tell HM govt to do one when they ask the army to provide temporary police/fire/ambulance/parking services.

    I don't think this is going to happen though, so if the Police are given the right to strike then we should probably just bend over and brace for impact.
  5. Police go on strike?

    Would we even notice?
  6. I was under the impression that GMP are on permanent work to rule, but that's just me being bitter and twisted because they couldn't catch a cold, and are as much use at enforcing law and order as your average garden ornament.
  7. I agree, the Armed Forces would, and should, never have the right to strike. However, it was always envisaged that the police should also never have the right to strike nor, come to that, the fire service in days gone by.
    If (extremely big if) the police did get the right to strike, the government would have no option but to call in the Armed Forces. How many of them are available these days to carry out duties like that? What perception would the public have of troops on the streets of UK? (The Welsh still haven't forgiven Churchill for sending in the troops to the mines in 1911).
    If the police are feeling let down by not have review bodies recommendations being enforced, how aggrieved should the Forces feel? At least the police get the right equipment when needed.
  8. I voted to strike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Having done 15 years in the Army with no right to strike i then joined the Police and the Government took it upon themselves to not honour an agreement that has been standing for 30 years. The Police service used to have the right to strike and the Government offered them a deal of an annual 2.5% pay rise if they gave that right up.

    Guess what, the Labour Government then decided not to honour that agreement last year and awarded us a 1.9% annual rise instead. So what do we do roll over and receive it from behind from the Government or fight for our rights???? I suppose we could just keep our fingers crossed that they honour their word and next year give us something like the original agreement.

    I think the honest truth is there are very few Police Officers who would actually go on strike because as corny as it may sound we join the job to do our bit just as we did in the Forces.
  9. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    sorry but police same as army shouldn't have the right to strike ... imho
  10. If I was a vigilante, I'd probably react the same way as the tea-leaf...

    I doubt it will ever happen, but if the police do go on strike, there would be a massive rise in crimes of violance, theft etc. There would also be quite a few criminals found dead; a lot of normally law-abiding people would decide they were mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore.

    With no police to stop it, some people would take the oppertunity to "clean up" thier neighbourhoods.
  11. Unlike those greedy FBU c*nts, if the police were to strike, they would only ever strike once. The chaos created by an all out strike would bring this Government to its knees. But what would you achieve? It's a matter, according to the gobby little tw*t from West Yorks Police who said on the news that "..it may be a case of only a hundred and odd pounds but it was 'our' hundred and odd pounds and 'we' want it"(or words to that effect). He came over as a right knob. Irrespective, for the want of just over a couple of hundred quid p.a., will the police really go on strike? I doubt it. It's not that you don't have the balls to do it, it's a case of once you do it, then you'll appear as greedy as those f*ckers in the FBU and then where will it all stop? The nurses reckon that they don't get enough, will they be inspired by you? We've alreday seen the greedy teachers kick off. Where will this all end? You'll be despised if you do go ahead with it. The FBU didn't have the level of public support its propaganda said that it had. You certainly won't get anywhere near what they had. At the end of the day though, I reckon that the majority of the police have the common dog to look for another way to resolve your situation, which will more than likely be to sit tight until the Tories get voted in at the next elections.
  12. I can't forsee any point in which we'd go on strike.

    The headline grabber on this subject is the threat of strike action but the more useful point is the federation lobbying for independant arbitration to be binding.

    That way the Home Secretary wouldn't be able to fly in the face of such arbitration which the Fed were happy to comply with. It's not really about the money (for me anyway, but I wouldnt say no) but the shabby way the Home Orafice has behaved.
  13. The principles at stake far, far outweigh a 0.6% difference in an annual pay rise. If you don't like 'receiving it from behind from the Government', resign, get a job in the private sector and do what you like.
  14. Alongwith every other Dept in this Government. Never mind, their days are numbered. Sit tight fellas.
  15. Thats if you still have a job, tax cuts for all means less funding for things such as Police officers, I thought we learned this last time the Tory's were 'in'