Police violence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Sep 15, 2004.

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  1. Just seen the pro fox fragging protests on telly, the level of violence used by the police was way beyond any that they use on the bedwetting lefty protests, no way would the police have been openly using their batons to club protesters on the head if that had been some non white ethnic minority anti war protester.

    Shame on blair for letting the police use that level of violence.

    and before any plod starts on about that type of situation...been there see it done it & got the T shirt.
  2. It looked like Plod began laying into people shoved against the barriers by the crush of bodies behind them. Wonder if any of the boys in blue will be proescuted for using "excessive force". There'd be an outcry if the line had been manned by squaddies.
  3. For once it's nothing to do with Blair. These coppers are not an army unit acting under orders.Each and every policeman is individually and solely responsible and accountable for his own actions.I have never seen violence like it from coppers. They were clearly and solely aiming for heads with their asps.Totally disgraceful and I sincerely hope that each and every policeman who broke the law is prosecuted. This is one slippery slope that needs to halt right here. Young and clueless coppers :roll:
  4. All a bit shocking really: a member of my local hunt was clubbed by a rozzer whilst bending over to help up a woman who had been pushed over in the crush to get away from the SS - err, I mean plod - and wound up with a nastily split scalp which required multiple stitches. He is a highly dangerous estate agent who is about eight feet tall and weighs around ten stone: he would blow away in a strong wind. I think the rural middle classes are just discovering why the urban chavs hate the police so much. I'm afraid this country is turning into a nasty Euro-autocracy ruled by and for the benefit of an administrative elite. :(
  5. I disagree, I bet blair got one of his lickspittles to give the nod to head plod that max violence could be used against the pro fox fraggers.

    The Met police will soon be blairs private force.
  6. Is it me or is every controversial event in Britain being used as an excuse to crank-up yet another tenuous anti-Blair argument on ARRSE? It used to be funny. Now it's just boring.

    Now, let me guess what's coming next:

    "Yeah, those lefty, pinko cnuts have let their storm troopers loose to enforce Blairite diktats."

    I seem to remember the police laying into the miners with far more gusto, while The Handbag was in Government.
  7. The day they sink so low as to use squaddies against Joe public I'm going on ebay to get my plane ticket out of here :evil:
  8. Read my comments in the "Fox Hunting" thread. Having just come back from the march I was appalled by the police, and so were the vast majority of people there. I say this as someone who believes the police should be able to dish out a bit of "truncheon rash" when it is reasonable to do so, their tactics were heavy handed given the protestors were peaceful and hardly the violent rioters of the MAy Day anarchist variety of a few years ago. Better judgement from the seniors could have allowed the day to end peacefulyy, instead the Chief Inspector in charge of the TSU's wasn't well positioned and lost control quickly because a few of his officers got a bit hasty. He allowed not only his men to be backed into a corner metaphorically by being aggressive (they could only get more confrontational from there), but actually backed into a corner when they used 6 men to arrest 1 guy when he had his back to the officers and was walking away and the crowds were incensed by this. Any (army) officer with even limited peacekeeping experience would have seen the danger signs long before it got ugly and pulled his guys back a bit and put more uniform in with the riot police.
  9. Hmmm, beg to differ. Google "battle of the beanfield".
  10. I sat and watched the protest on SKY this evening. I agree that the Police were heavy handed and sad muppet that I am I made a note of the Police Officers helmet numbers where I felt there had been undue or an undue level of force used. I suggest we all use our TVs, the news footage and our right to free speech and complain about David Blunketts authorised SS type policing. Perhaps an investigation ought to be conducted into whether or not an 'Appropriate Level of Force' was used against seemingly unarmed protesters?

    I spotted PC Helmet number MP U 52

    a) Striking Protesters from behind TWO other Police Officers
    b) Appearing to refuse to give his number to a member of the Public
  11. I suppose it is boring but it isn't funny, blairs britain isn't funny, what blair is doing to britain isn't funny.

    Fox fraggers aren't labour voters so he can lay into them more heavily, he never had their vote so can treat them in a differant manner to the bedwetting handwringers.
  12. The plod looked like they`ve been taking crowd control lessons from the yanks ,definately not a hearts and minds op.Strange compared to the stories in the mail about the total inaction against animal lib terrorists.
    It appears the that the Champange Trots long game plans are starting to work ,turning the usually law abiding tax payers against the police.You can bet there will be a few strong words at the next "lodge" night :twisted:
  13. Now then Booty feeling a little defensive?....we saw what happened.no-one threw bottles,rocks,logs or anything else on my particular brand of live 24 hour news. Dont try to deflect the post........... :wink:
  14. I raised a question on another thread, what is the legal position in a PO situation when you strike a person on the head? I saw the footage and the plod were definately aiming for head shots.
  15. just a pity they wern`t head shot on a certain toothy tawt :twisted: