Police using text speak now...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by army_of_1, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. ...in order to communicate with little chav inbreds granted but are they sinking to their level? Teachers have a hard enough time as it trying to get the darlings to learn anything, let alone English, so is this really a good step? It's one thing having the pikey cnuts defiling the English language but a line should be drawn when a uniformed service starts to use it. I admit I'm one of those people who would vote for a chav cull so I am naturally biased but I find aspects of chav culture an abomination. I am aware that the Police have a tough job keeping these vermin under control but I would suggest that this is a poor reflection of our society. Thoughts?

    Daily Mail article here
  2. L.O.B.
  3. E.E.E.W.A.T.E.T

    Translation: 'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello, Wot's All This 'Ere Then.
  4. O i c, i fink ne 1 txtin like dat shud b shot m8, let alon da bil. y r u so anti txt lingo m8 l8rs.

    Only joking with you mate, i know exactly what you mean, i have the same problem when my kids text me (no, their NOT chavs ) i cant stand chavs either.
  5. It sounds disgraceful in the way in which children of today use the terminology in which they do

    B ut in my own oppinion, I think at least the police are trying to communicate with these youths.

    the problem being sometimes is , you have to use different measures to communicate with the youth's of today as most of the time the youths response is totally disgraceful.
  6. Any chance of the odd bit of punctuation, pentwyn? Reading your posts is akin to having laser eye surgery with a Light Sabre at the best of times.
  7. I never you you were a english teacher
  8. You sound remarkably like one of said "young youths" - have you been on the chav txt spk course too?
  9. The only communication these creatures need is one way.

    As in Police on send them on Receive.

    Failing that a good kicking also counts as communication.
  10. We appreciate it's an effort, but do try :lol:
  11. Yeah but no, but yeah, but no......
  12. or8 ow mny olds acly cr wr d kds r
  13. Will text speak be admissable in court? I can just see some copper trying to render "i ws pr c ding alng da hi st n a wstly dctn...." before the beak.

  14. Sorry i am dyslexic , i will try and write proper queen's english
  15. Have you actually been professionally diagnosed?

    Dyslexia is becoming the standard excuse for illiterate, uneducated and generally thick chavs everywhere.