Police use Indian call centres!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TartanJock, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Now even calls to police stations are set to be answered in Indian call centres

    Callers to police stations could soon be talking to someone in India as forces are now allowed to privatise their call centres.

    Police across the country are privatising their call centres and backroom staff in a bid to cut costs.

    The Government has been forced to relax the rules to allow forces to sign contracts with private companies, including foreign firms, as there is a massive cash shortage.

    Going overseas? Police call centres could be transferred to India

    This means that police will be able to use Indian call centres to deal with routine police inquiries.

    Currently all civilian support staff are employed by individual police authorities.

    Over the next year as many as 20,000 civilians will be transferred to private companies with some jobs likely to go overseas.

    Unions have expressed concerns about the pan.

    "We are against privatisation of services from the public sector," said Unison's Lisa Youlton.

    "We have no information on how it would actually work, how it would be set up, whether staff would be transferred or seconded to the new company or whether there will be any job guarantees."

    But police said the plan will deliver "tangible benefits" freeing up much needed resources to fight crime.

    Paul Green, chairman of Avon and Somerset Police Federation said: “By joining this partnership we may be able to divert money back to the front line. We broadly welcome that.”

    The computer giant IBM is likely to be the first private company to secure a deal.

    It has already signed a landmark £400 million contract with local councils in Avon and Somerset, and is now bidding to take over IT and finance for the regional police force.

    If it succeeds it will also take over the job of answering phone calls from the public in Avon and Somerset.

    Also in the running for more than 200 contracts with UK police forces are British firms BT and Capita.

    The 999 service will not be affected by the changes.

    It could only happen here folks.
  2. lets hope the police move to india that will be better
  3. I hate to nit-pick, but the language skills of Indian operators may not be sufficient to deal with stressed callers who may be on the verge of panic.

    Not a good idea.
  4. Phew..... Im glad that the 999 Service will not be affected by the change.... dont think they can make it any cheaper to run than having a call answering service anyway! :)
  5. But if you route the 999 calls through an Indian Curry house their response time is better!!!!!!!!
  6. can i call the pigs for a vindaloo then ?
  7. They might (just) be able to deliver that.
  8. why not, re-position the cop-shop next to a Curry House. Their response time would be slashed, they'de save a packet in fuel and new BMWs, it would stop them hanging out at the McCafe and appeal to the NBC community. Win-Win.
  9. and this is when the business model clearly shows that many of the British public do not like offshore call centers and some business have moved back too UK call centers because, they found offshore to be more costly! Less secure and less efficent?...hummmmm good to see government is leading the way with blue sky thinking and not intervening?
  10. Never mind the communication problem - what safeguards are there against commercial exploitation? Even non-emergency police calls have potential for data mining (call rates from different areas, gender of callers, possibly age groups etc) which could be valuable information to some companies.

    Is a civvy call centre going to be able to sell this info? Even "anonymised" that could affect all of us. Do you really want your insurance going up because there's an old biddy down the road who's constantly calling the old bill about things, your insurers have bought the call patterns and upped the risk in your area as a result? Or an increase of junk advertising because 15 alarm companies have used the same info to target your postcode?

    Some things are simply not suitable to be placed in the public sector. This type of service is one of them.
  11. How the hell can there be a cash shortage.

    We get taxed to the hilt, were is all the sodding money going? Most NHS trusts are running in the red, schools that can't afford to hire enough teachers, police forces that have to contract out call centers and a military that can't afford proper equipment. What the feck are they spending my hard earned on?

    Under the freedom in information act can I please get a coppy of the books for Britain Plc. If you ran a company like this you'd be bankcrupt by now surly?
  12. Monkey, I hear you mate, but the bean-counters have the loudest voices in Westminster. I used to take the p1ss out of the ACC, but who the fcuk are Sodexho?
  13. I wouldn't mind if they actually used the Indian police as well. Ever seen them on Public Order? 4ft iron-bound lathis at the high port, backed up with Lee-Enfields. Could do with some of that here IMO, and they can't be any more useless than our bunch!
  14. lets face facts how long before JPA goes offshore to the lowest bidder, how long before everything bar CSS is subcontracted.

    We saw the beginnings of this under Thatcher, liabour have just continued the motion.

    The only difference is i would have hoped a conservative government would either have not let the shaved chimp start fecking things up, in the first place.

    Also they would be funded operations better than the trust me tony and the big boys made me Gordo cnuts the pair of em .......
  15. Bobath,

    if you cant understand where your money is going then you should look at the increases to Social spending over these last 10 years and its % growth rate.... bet you its not an easy figure to find....