Police Underwear - Puzzling issue

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DavidBOC, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. I am a bit puzzled by this article on the BBC website:
    BBC News - West Midlands Police given 'sensible underwear' advice

    As those who have read other posts from me may know, I am from the other (septic) side of the pond. Here in the US it is traditional for police officers to wear trousers and to keep their trousers on at all times when on duty and in the public eye. The public would have no idea what underwear the police are or are not wearing. The only occasion that I can recall seeing a police officer in his underwear was an officer who observed a child falling into the river and going under. The officer removed gunbelt, trousers and boots to dive down and recover the child. (n.b. this was years ago before body armour). Fair play to him for what he did and no criticism for partially undressing.

    If the UK police need rules as to what underwear, I am puzzled as to why. Is it a tradition for police to doff trousers in public? Do they do this on a regular basis?

    Is there something about UK police I do not know?

    Inquiring minds want to know.
  2. The new police dress regulations have been designed to make our policemen more friendly to our main ally. From now on officers will wear their trousers no higher than the mid gluteal line and that a regulation 7.5" of underwear must be worn above the trouser belt line.
    Police have also been instructed to open all enquiries with "What's happening, Dude"? ^~
  3. Or the alternative greeting for those in inner city areas....."s'up blud?"
  4. They'll be in for a shock when they realise that WPC's DON'T wear padded knickers and their bums look big just because they are.
  5. its all gone to c*ock, thats all you need to know about our police
  6. This is the fashion in the BTP for them to tuck their shirts into. [​IMG]

    It's a bit disconcerting when working a commuter train at 7am!!!
  7. Maybe it's the regulation thong that has to be shown above the trouser line when they bend over. Or the flamboyant colour bra worn under the white shirt.

    Spent an 8 hour flight sitting behind a black thong and white jeans which was highly entertaining and annoying at the same time as her size label was sticking out the whole time. Is it just me or do other people feel the need to tell the person of this.
  8. Coo! Transparent aircraft seats...
  9. I linked this thread to a former plod mate of mine and he seems to think it is most likely because "when the girls take off their stabbies, you can see their frilly pink underwear through their shirts"

    Case solved, still don't see the problem.
  10. Yep didn't you know it's all the rage...every time she got up to stretch, get something out of the overhead baggage area, bend over or walk about. Must have been the regulation outfit for someone of her age...black or any colour except white thong, positioned an inch above the ubiquitous tight hipster white jeans with a tee shirt that almost covered her boobs and finished an inch above said thong. Entertained me during the flight cause I found the sight of so many men of varying ages who ogled her bursting appendage and big bum (size 16 label sticking out) hilarious. On an 8 hour flight I was visually bored, had already finished my book, seen the films on offer and my ipod was only working its magic on 1 level. So people watching filled the gap.
  11. Hilarious? Do you always mock serious research?

    Size 16? Mmmm, soft... Self-propelled mattress or roll mat? Roll mats don't make very good trampolines.
  12. Funnily enough I never mock serious research. Once I got past the underwear I was curiously impressed with her ability to use the outer cover of the pillows provided for our comfort, as a nappy for her baby when her insufficient supply of nappies were used up.

    Yep size 16 and bulging...give it a good slap and watch the ripple effect. But I digress...straying too far from the original thread.
  13. It's OK, it's the NAAFI. Keep talking dirty.
  14. Well if it's dirt you want...rather amusingly the guy she was with tall, good looking in a gangster type of way, immaculately dressed in a white linen suit refrained from holding the baby for most of the flight. Only saw it happen once - she gave him the baby, he held it about 12 inches away from him, didn't matter cause the projectile vomit that emitted from the smiling baby's mouth hit his white linen suit with such accuracy, by this point I was immensely impressed with the capability of this family to amuse me single handedly. Not a word was spoken, he handed the baby back to girlfriend and headed off to a vacant toilet. Those 8 hours were by now going fast.....
  15. Yes, bucket and spade class from that Blackpool of the far Eastern Seaboard; Florida, chav paradice.