Police Understatement

Not to be too morbid, but I should think that's a fairly effective way of disposing of body parts - scattered around the country in various types of luggage. A leg in a holdall in Hertfordshire, perhaps some fingers in a handbag in Bath, some teeth in a wallet under a bench in Swansea and a spleen in Tesco's carrier bag in Reading.


I love this bit:

We would especially like to hear from anyone who has a friend, relative or acquaintance missing a leg that may fit the above description.



If they've got the entire leg, surely they have the foot as well.
So why say his shoe size is between a 7 & a 9?
Surely they can be a bit more definate.


They could have taken the leg into any shoeshop to get the foot measured. Your average Brantano shop mong probably wouldn't notice that the leg was unattached!

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