Police to start charging for 999 calls

Well thankyou Home Office :evil:

Now , not only will we have to decide whether it an emergency, but will have to have a 10p coin as well :? :roll:


Non-Emergency? Dial 101
Updated: 09:51, Saturday March 04, 2006

Calls to report drug dealing will not be welcomed on the 999 emergency service with "non-emergency" calls being charged at 10p a time.

The changes are among Government plans to add a new 101 service for people to report crimes.

Anyone witnessing drug dealing, vandalism, harassment, intimidation and rubbish dumping will be expected to call 101 instead of the free 999 service.

The Government says is wants to ease the workload on the 999 system, which receives 10 million calls every year.

The Home Office insists that any crime requiring an emergency response will continue to be dealt with by the 999 service.

A spokeswoman said: "Not all problems need an emergency response but many people call 999 because they do not know of an alternative.

"Drug-related anti-social behaviour is one of the activities that will be covered by the single non-emergency number, but calling in any crime that requires an emergency response will still be dealt with via the 999 service."

Ofcom is currently deciding on whether 101 will be the number for the single non-emergency number.

So, if you're being verbally abused, with threatening beahviour ie. intimidation, remember it isn't an emergency :roll:
Good game Govt. How about trying to solve the causes of crimes and, therefore, lowering the burden on the 999 number.

10 million calls a year is a tiny number anyway.
I think we may find that the number of calls made by the public regarding drug dealing and vandalism will fall when this new number comes into effect. This will help the statistitions prove that Governments tough stance on crime is really starting to work.
Why shouldn't the police come rushing to a street corner to bundle away a drug dealer who's delaing the very root of crime in this coutnry and is more than likely wanted in connection with another more serious crime or can help them deal with other investigations, luck still plays a part in catching crims i.e. pick someone up for crime x and find he is also guilty of crime y. Surely as long as there are enough people to take all the calls there's no problem? Better that and some be duff than to have the operators sitting around for periods and the police missing out on intel etc. from 999 calls, is this a prelude to a sacking off 999 call center staff as there are more than required to undertake the resultant workload?
You really are missing the point aren't you? Everyone knows the police are merely the
armed wing of the Labour Party, charged with maintaining order amongst those who can think
for themselves. When they aren't doing that, they are making as much cash as possible for PM Brown.
This plan is actually completely brilliant. It will cut down on the amount of work the scuffers
have to do, and at the same time ensure that any work they are sent has been subsidised by the public.
Remember the Labour Financial Calculator - 10 million calls at 10p a pop is another bit of stealth taxation.

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