Police to provide compasses for Muslim cons.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Some forces have,according to the Express,painted the direction arrow on the cell ceilings.


  2. Will the compass not be affected by any metalwork in the area, or do cells no longer have bars and doors?
  3. Why on earth would they need a compass?

    The big arrow on the roof/"Mecca this way" sign should be sufficient.

    Then we don't have to bother with "risk assesments" for the cons.

    To make it easy we'll bang a bucket in there too, then they can sh1t/p1ss/vomit which ever way they want, in any location.
  4. Oh fun, again, can I now explain how it works?
  5. Do Muslims instinctively know the bearing to Mecca, will they require training to use the compass or will it just be a case of "direction 1600, pray for effect"?
  6. Good idea.

    Why? It's already painted on the ceiling.
  7. How what works?
  8. Yeah. Not a bad idea. It's not as if Gideons never get a look in, so why not? It's just a painted arrow.
  9. I know Norwich quite well, do they mean the Mecca on the Aylsham Road near the chippie? That's more sort of North East of Bethel Street
  10. Do Gideons provide bibles in police cells as well? I never knew that.
  11. How many custody Sgts will simply store the compasses next to a powerful magnetic source, rendering them useless? Something to do on a quiet night shift
  12. A compass?

    Can't the just ask allah directly for instructions on which way to face?
  13. Whilst re-decorating the cell, can they make sure that the toilet is in the same corner that they are are praying to? FFS, this kind of thing makes my piss boil, why do we have to keep pandering to the whims of this religion ?
    Would I be allowed a goat to sacrifice if I ws a Satanist ?
  14. they dont need a compass, a plane ticket would do just fine

    of course i'm refering to all cons, i would like either australia or newzealand if possible, compass not required
  15. If they were good practicing muslims then they shouldn't be in a cell in the first place.....surely crime is against the holy writings, or is it still a case of if the cap fits I'll scream racial harrassment.... gas the feckers...problem solved....oooooh I fecking hate them