Police to pose as burglars

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by old_bloke, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. It could turn very nasty if they tried that sort of caper round these yerr parts......
  2. I'm sure that Tony Martin would welcome a visit like this
  3. Can't see the problem....most of them are crooks in uniform anyhow!
  4. no one suggest they are doing their "0ld job"
  5. ... so it'll be fine to use reasonable force then :twisted:
  6. Except that big one in the Shot with the lumps :policeflat:
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    "yeah, sure mate, you've been trying my windows, which woke my dog, and at 3 in the morning, it must be cold out there. How about you come in for a nice cup of tea while you lecture me?"
  8. Where do we stand legally if we fill one of these in with 'reasonable force' and then detain them for the eon it would take the non-incognito rozzers to arrive?

    I can see a roaring trade in fake police ID to crims now, the ultimate get-out clause being 'yeh its alright mate its only the old bill' :x Great idea. :evil:
  9. Although you would have to wait for the effects of the bang on the head to wear off before you were able to say that to him, presumably?
  10. Oh aye!!
  11. I don't think the cops would try that in my neck of the woods...last week I had my car broken into, in my driveway. Appears my dog frightened off the thieves, as they'd jimmied the ignition in my steering column, apparently with intent to drive off with it. Something had to have frightened them off at any rate. So when the police showed, I decided to get clear on laws regarding deadly force in my state, and asked the officer "what happens if they come back, I catch them, and plug them with my rifle?" He replies, "You'll go to prison for a very long time. Unfortunately in this state you cannot use deadly force to prevent a property crime. If they are in your house, however, light 'em up."

    Perhaps a year ago, my dog alerted on noises in my garage. I've rarely seen her so agitated, but she acted as though there were dead certain an intruder in there. I loaded my rifle, stood to facing the entrance, and in a loud voice challenged whomever was on the other side of the door and informed them that should they open the door, they'd be shot. Fortunately, my dog must have been eating funky mushrooms. Had that been a copper "testing" my burglary response, one hopes he'd not be hard of hearing so he'd hear my warning of deadly force...
  12. It sounds ridiculous, but it's from the Mail so I wouldn't first parade the outrage bedford just yet.
  13. Althought luckily, the cheshire police are going to try this in Cheshire first, not the US, so limited possibility of you shooting one. Keep your rifle close, just in case though, eh?
  14. Ah, but for them to actually tell you they are rozzers, they still need to be breathing. If you have broken into my home then that may indeed not be a possibility for them.