Police to muzzle dog squads for fear of being sued

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. Believe it or not, but i actually was thinking about this thise very morning as i walked my hounds in the long dew soaked grass this morning.

    How strange...

    [c] This is London
  2. They shouldnt put a bar across the snout it should be a BMF barbed spike.

    Im guessing that a dog squad is used for situations where you want to scare the chuff out of people anyway.

    Great danes, with armour and spikes - thats the way to calm a gobby criminal.
  3. If you are in the position where you have to run from a Police dog then you deserve whatever is coming to you. Compensation from bites is shocking. I flying headbut ( I would think) is fairly easy to dodgy, high speed sharp teeth on the other hand are slightly less evade-able.

    PC gone mad it is. Next the Police will be issued with those red batons from public order training so no-one gets hurt.

    Ultimately if you break the law, you should forget your human rights applying.
  4. Good lord.. It misses the whole point of having a snarling, barking, big dog threatening you as drool falls from between its bared teeth. It's supposed to scare the bejesus out of you.

  5. My dog bit a burglar in my home, police wanted to prosecute me for having a dangerous dog. Shes a border collie. Thought the idea of police dogs was to bring down the criminal, making it safe for the officers. If they are muzzled whats the point in using them.
  6. WTF........what a knobber of a bobby he/she must have been!! If I had turned up I would have patted you and the dog and said well done mate and told the scum he was lucky he wasn't being charged for animal cruelty!!! tw@ts :roll: :roll:
  7. What next? How about giving blank bullets to the police? Don't want to get sued now, do we?
  8. Dogs don't always work. There was story of Para dog handler who loosed his dog at one of the Unity Flats confrontations after a Linfield match. Dog went into crowd OK but never seen again. Para rumour was the Prods ate it.
  9. Feck the police dogs which are trained - I am fed up with badly trained mongrols, snarling and snapping at me when I go out for a gentle jog. Nothing against dogs but it really grips my shiite when I get some bone headed chimpanzee telling me that "Rover's really frriendly and won't bite", a nano second before the foetid-breathed, turd monster bares its fangs and threatens to bury them in my arse.

    Last weekend had some chav sound off at me after I bellowed at him that he should clean up the steaming pile of shiite left by his stinking mutt.

    To cap it all I slipped in a gargantuan pile of processed Pedifgree Chum this morning.

    Bring back licencing and selection for dog ownership - too many oiks own the stinking things and have a complete disregard for their fellow citizens.
  10. Ferkin Crackers! If you don't break the law, then you have nothing to fear from Police Dogs. What if the muzzled dog jumps too high and administers a Glasgow Kiss to a short person's face - will the Police be sued for that - you bet your arrse they will.

    Here's a radical thought. If a criminal is convicted, then he should lose any rights to sue the Police (or householder etc) for using reasonable force to stop/arrest/defend against the said criminal. The use of a Police Dog against a (perceived to be) dangerous criminal is not unreasonable!
  11. Having read the offending article more deeply I can only conclude that the 'crackpot' idea was thought up by some a/hole after promotion (this is quite common in the Police were people after promotion come up with all sort of arrse ideas). The breed of dog , Belgian Malinois is becoming popular because it is so fearless and will 'attack' with a speed and ferocity you have to see to believe. I recentley saw a video of Belgian Tactical Firearms Police using the dog in training and it was unreal. The dogs would literally leap over cars/ through car windows and keep 'at' the offendor even if he was firing multiple shots at the dog, fantastic.

    This idea for muzzles by North Wales (home of that cnut BRUNSTROM) is obviously a bit of a publicity stunt, as the botttom line when using a dog or ANY use of force is it must be proportionate, reasonable and justifiable. So I think most of the dog handlers in Wales will be ignoring this one, I hope. :wink:
  12. Oh Dear, you really, really, really couldn't make it up.