Police To Let Burglars And Other Riff-Raff Go Free

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. Burglars will be allowed to escape without punishment under new instructions sent to all police forces. Police have been told they can let them off the threat of a court appearance and instead allow them to go with a caution.
    The same leniency will be shown to criminals responsible for more than 60 other different offences, ranging from arson through vandalism to sex with underage girls.


    And a string of crimes including common assault, threatening behaviour, sex with an underage girl or boy, and taking a car without its owner's consent, should normally be dealt with by a caution, the circular said.

    "'Let burglars off with caution', police told"
    08:08am 3rd April 2006

    Perpetrators of truly serious crimes -- such as disparaging homosexuality, exhibiting a black "golliwog" doll, wearing a T-shirt that insults the prime minister, or fox hunting -- will still be subject to arrest under the new dispensation.
  2. what a joke the person who wrote that memo should be hung and then so should the next 20 people commiting each those crimes and I bet you would see a reduction in crime!
  3. it just makes you laugh because the soldiers who didn't really do anything wrong to criminal iraqies got a year or two in prision for volenteering to help their country and these pricks don't do anything with their lives and take the PISS!
  4. :evil: Bring back public Birching :evil:

    Watch that bring the crime rate down!

    Oh my god I've turned into my Dad :oops:
  5. I blame Private Eye.

    Their "Neasdon Police Station Log" has clearly been read by the powers-that-be and taken as a suggestion.

  6. Thats the one[​IMG]

    Have that you little Chav Git :twisted: Oh yes bring Back the Birch :twisted:
  7. That looks a bit gay.
  8. Does this mean homeowners can shoot burglars then?
  9. Never thought of that 8O

    Is that the voice of experience :lol:
  10. FFS - when I read this, I had to check it had'nt been posted on April 1st.
    They should combine all UK police forces into one. Then hire Ruldoph Giullani to run it.
  11. Build more prisons, employ more ex-squaddies as prison officers, kick out anyone from the country who is a waste of resources! - Sorted!

  12. Starting the Blairs - all three of them - and the rest of parliament.
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I don't realise why you are all surprised at this 8O Crimes against people and bringing the turd to court costs money. If the crime is not against the government then why should they be brought to 'justice'.

    Remember the police are overstretched in removing pensioners who heckle Jack Straw (what a straw-man!) or stand in Whitehall reading out names of British soldiers killed in operations started by - yup your right.
  14. I dont know what all the excitement is about, after all aint that what the CPS do already, fail to bring people to court?