Police to Help Terror Suspects

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Warrior_Poet, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. But why not?

    If they are "Terror suspects" they are people who have attracted the attention of the security services. Maybe its a duff tip off or an attempt to taint potential supporters. Oh, and until tried and convicted, they remain innocent.

    Continuing police liaiasion means that:-

    - If they were potential recruits for terrorists beforehand, they are now thoughoughly tainted. If you were a terrorists would you trust a recruiot who has his own police liaison officer?

    - Its a proper response to preempt and defuse the likely reaction of the neighbours and friends of person whose house has just been turrned over.
  2. How about suspected paedophiles, rapists and other assorted vermin too? Surley our peace loving and loyal Islamic community would be only too happy to co- operate with the police in the fight against terror? After all, is it not the extremists giving them a bad name? You'd think they'd be glad to see police action against certain elements? Unless of course they have another agenda?
  3. Just another attempt at pandering to the Islamic minority community. It is disgusting. What makes these suspects more special than any other? Will we see the headline about police helping murder suspects? I doubt it somehow.
  4. Interesting that the term 'suspect' or 'suspected' has almost become a de-facto criminal offence?

    'Suspected' terrorist, 'suspected' paedophile' et al placed before just about everything and applied to almost anyone who is innocent until proven guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction has now become so normal as to convict anyone being 'suspected' of anything long before trial.

    Nothing much has changed since the 14th century when the cry was 'Burn the Witch'!

    The mob still rules!
  5. Simple Question - Did the police charge the terror raid suspects - YES OR NO?
  6. Castlreigh wrote: Simple Question - Did the police charge the terror raid suspects - YES OR NO?

    They haven't charged the criminals (For they commited a crime) who took part in the Hate Demo against the cartoons. Are we beginning to see a pattern emerge with lots of evidence yet no charges? Odd that!
  7. Castlreigh is correct though no matter how anybody wants to argue the point, were they charged: NO!

    Remember our Justice system guys, innocent until proven guilty.......
  8. Remember our Justice system guys, innocent until proven guilty.......

    The problem is though our system at the moment is in favour of the 'Suspect' and always has been god forbid anyone squeezes their human rights, it'll cost me n thee millions in compensation

    My vote is Fcuk 'em......send them home!
  9. I ask again, why have'nt people who have irrefutable evidence against them been charged? Could it be down to different standards of policing for different people? I thought justice was supposed to be balanced and without bias? Why should one bunch of suspects get special treatment from the police and not another?

    Of course they are innocent until found guilty, and sometimes innocent right up to the point when they detonate their bombs on crowded trains. Even then members of their community deny it.
  10. May I suggest you voice your concerns to :

    The Enquiries Desk
    PO Box 3255
    London SW1P 1AE

    Ask them how they keep on getting shite intelligence!!
  11. They keep on getting shite intelligence because of the deception plan of our enemies who deliberately feed false intelligence. They then use this as an excuse to impose even more restrictions on the forces of Law and Order when they arrest "Innocents" This of course makes the police hesitant and this makes it easier for the vipers in our midst to launch their murderous attacks.

    Those seeking to tie the hands of the police through pIslamic ressure groups are also doing their part in their jihad. Their aims and objectives are the same, it is only their methods that differ.
  12. Then I suggest Box get better Intel Officers who can tell the difference between a good lead and a waste of time...
  13. The whole point of a deception plan is to make it look like a good lead. This can be achieved by having the "Innocent" suspects in on the game. There is a deliberate and calculated plot amongst the extremists to use things like the HRA, the usual assortment of appeasers and apologists for terror, the liberal press etc against us.

    Notwithstanding any of the above, the police are meant to act without bias or favour towards any particular group. To show special favour towards Islamic suspects is quite simply racist. People may quote things like "Cultural sensitivity" Well how about some sensitivity towards the majority of people in this country who see their own culture being eroded or treated second best?
  14. You should take up a job with SO13!! beacuse your totally loosing me on this one!