Police to get 10,000 more Taser stun guns

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Speedkuff, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. Well, I thought I'd start this one as someone's bound to....

    I note that the Home Office are patting themselves on the back for spending £8million on 10,000 units.

    I'm led to understand that the total costs of investigationof a fatal collision from crunch to coroner's is in the region of £1 million. Not much of an investment when you think of it that way.

    And of course Amnesty are bleating like good un's about "Lethal" weapons. FFS, we're already equipped with expanding metal bars that are capable of killing and nasty horrid boots that could be used to kick someone to death. But generally, we don't and generally Taser doesn't.

    Their main concern seems to be the effect on people under the influence of drugs. My question would be, "Erm why are they under the influence of drugs?"

    I knw, I know, there are some PC's who shouldn't be allowed to have a sharpened crayon but it's always seemed to me that Taser is about as good as it gets for an almost harmless defence weapon. I've been tased and so has my missus whilst visiting a PD in the US and although unpleasant, it's not dreadful but, assuming a proper contact, it DOES make you stop...

    Thoughts anyone..?
  2. My (non firearms team) have had it for over a year now and we've only needed to use it once. It's worth it for the deterrent value.

    Though, SK, i'm with you. There's plenty of officers out there who I don't trust with what they've got, let alone a 50,000 volt plastic bannana coloured thingy. So standby for an initial burst of kids, dogs, grannies, etc etc getting zapped before it all calms down again.

    (edited for mllaaarrr spelling)
  3. Read this yesterday.

    I´ll spell it out to the bleeding heart liberals who abhor such devices....

    If you don´t act like a cnut, then you wont get tasered. So if the human responsibilty for oneself is present and you don´t get blind drunk, in a berzerk rage, attempt to hit the police officer or other person and-or you don´t take illegal narcotics then you human rights will not be infrined by two copper electrodes and 50,000 volts.


    All coppers should get these things, along with pepperspray-cs spray. If we can´t trust the copper to use them properly... they should hand in the uniform.
  4. Good! - hopefully it will restore some law and order on a Friday and Saturday night in towns and cities up and down the country.

    Can't think of a better way of being calmed down and sobered up!
  5. 50,000 Volts seems a bit low - any way of cranking them up a bit ?
  6. Think tasers are a good thing but, bloody hell Speedkuff, there's no need to use it on your missus is there?
  7. This must be the best sobering up remedy I've heard so far. I can see an opportunity here.... £ £ £....
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Shami Chakrabharti will love this.

    And I'm sure Cheri 'parasite' Blair's Human Rights ambulance chaser firm can get a few claims out of this. Preferably with some 'mistreated' Asylum Seekers, knowing her.
  9. OK fine. I have no problems with decent police officers being issued these provided they are well trained in the use of them. I just hope they are not given willy-nilly to muppets.

    Like every large organisation the police have people with varying standards. Good police officers are worth their weight in gold (if we get to see them), bad ones can make a difficult situation even worse.
  10. Was I wrong to immediatly search on youtube for any videos of these being used as soon as I heard the story?

    As has been said though, I would be deterred if a big policeman had a taser ready to give me 50k volts.
  11. The yanks were looking at a shotgun cartridge version.

    Basically it is a lower powered cartridge an when it hits it sticks, and repeatedly tasers for a few minutes. I´ll dig up a link.

    Oh, wwhere am i going with this.

    Well. Could we have a belt fed taser weapon for crowd control-?

  12. CF you really ought to read Seagull's and Speedkuff's entries. As they presumably know what they are talking about, then it would appear that whilst most police officers will behave sensibly, the real problem will be those who "shouldn't be allowed to posess a sharpened crayon".
    By the way I have no problem with taser armed bobbies,
    I don't live in UK. :D
  13. I would assume, though, that the Police Force will carry out training on such devices, the use of the tasers wont be much different to the currently issued gas surely?

    Not to mention the fact they already own batons.

    I am sure there are some mongs on the beat, but I feel the taser to be a welcome addition to the ordinary bobbies kit.

    I don´t really want to see our bobbies armed routinely.
  14. fcuk CS off and use tasers instead.

    CS sucks,
  15. Its good idea - when used in the right situations.