Police to fingerprint on streets

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by asmallbrownduck, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. BBC

    Why not just start rounding up those that displease El-Presedente and shoot 'em.

    Who won the Cold War?

  2. I expect I am an enemy of the state because I am a white, christian, ex-military, free-thinking (charges apply in some zones though, after 11 p.m.), married, property owning, hunting, non-apparatchik male. Oh, white naturally.

    However I always wear synthetic fingerprints when out and advise all of you to do the same. A bas les bliars!
  3. Cuddles - do two whites make a Wong? In which case your perceived ethnicity may be in doubt...
  4. Ah-so, so solly...
  5. And ginger..... :D
  6. Ginger, (sigh) yes....I'll come quietly. Which makes a change...
  7. I see it can only be used with suspects permission. I wonder how often you would be offered the option to decline?
    On the other hand if nobody has to give a print isn't it pretty worthless? If you are wanted by the law you can simply refuse, or is that a sign of guilt and grounds for your arrest these days?
  8. If you think that is bad, a lot of primary schools (yes, primary schools) are fingerprinting kids to keep track of where the books are going.

    One of the scariest developments in a long time methinks.
  9. Will this be linked to the IND database for all those who failed asylum or over stayed their visa?
  10. In a number of situations the plod can require you to go to the police station to confirm your identity, the idea is that using this they can at least check you are not some one they are actually interested in and thus perhaps more likely to be who yopu say you are.

    Of course when we all have ID cards.....................

  11. I will be saying a firm NO to any plod that asks me for my fingerprints.

    Look what happened when they took DNA samples that where meant to be temporary. They forgot to dispose of them until a law was changed to allow them to keep them indefinitely :roll:

    They'll only get one finger from me! [​IMG]
  12. As things stand that of course will be your priviledge, as will the trip to the cop shop for further checks to be made. The choice for the time being will be entirely yours.
  13. If someone told us 20 years ago that there would be ID cards, 500,000 CCTV camera's, taking your shoes off to get on the plane, widespread DNA scanning and street-level biometric scanning, you would think it was some orwellian nightmare.

    I genuinely dont mind when we have a benign state, but how long will that last? What happens next time we have a miners strike, antiwar protests or poll-tax protests? I am not an anti-govt protester type in particular, but in the future I would like to have the option without having to worry about being tracked in my car (for charging), or being tracked through my credit card usage or mobile phone trace.

    Nothing to worry about now, but god help us if a more sinister regime comes to power. The thing is I dont feel safer or more protected with all these things in place....

  14. "can i use the fingerprints of the severed hand in my glove box, officer?"