Police targetting military bases (Brize Norton in this case)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Fred_Frog_1987, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. A general warning to anyone still serving, make sure your car insurance covers business use, otherwise you might well get nicked for driving without sufficient insurance cover if travelling from base A to base B.

    The following comes direct from someone I know who works at Brize Norton:


    ANPR van outside work on Monday. Cops pulled me and said I wasn't insured. I said I was (and I knew it, or so I thought at the time!).

    Anyway, they tell me to go to work and would be in touch as "Insurance office wasn't open yet", it was around 7.30 am.

    They came into my office at 10. I work on a military base so it was easy for them. There was an MP and a civvy cop working together. Told me that I was insured, but not for commuting. I had to surrender my car, was fined £200 and given 6 points for having no insurance (even though I paid nearly £500 this year fully comp!).

    Release fee for my car was £150. I didn't plead with the cops, I just said that I didn't know I wasn't covered, had paid my insurance as normal and had no reason to hide anything. They bloody apologised! Said their hands were tied and they felt bad about it. For ****'s sake.

    In between, I walked to my insurance and had commuting added. It didn't even cost me but I said I'd be back as I wasn't happy that I wasn't covered for commuting. I was told you had to request it.

    I took my docs to the cop shop as I'd been told to produce my insurance doc and license. They couldn't believe it and told me to take it to court. The two old guys shook their heads in disbelief and said they couldn't believe the type of people they had to work with nowadays, even though they were on the same side.

    Anyway, picked car up and recovery lads said that cops were targetting military bases and particularly lads coming back for R and R from Afghanistan and the like. At this point I want to say, what the hell are these ******* playing at? Yeah it sounds cliche, but go and find some real criminals!!

    I've now spoken to my sis. She's a police solicitor (yeah, I know) and her initial advice is to gain access to my insurance proposal to see where or where not I signed up to say I didn't want commuting added. I drive to work every day and would never have been so stupid to have said no anyway, but I'll see what that brings. She then said that if that is not fruitful then I may just have to pay up, take the points and accept that I've been stitched by a ******* jobsworth.


    Nice one rozzers. Any of you want to try and defend this?

    F**king target chasing filth.
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  2. As far as I am aware you are covered to commute between your home and work locations as per anyone else in the UK. What you are prob not covered for is to commute from one base to another eg Brize to another location for course start as that equates to business use; hence you can't claim MMA unless this is on your insurance. Most companies include this free of charge these days.
  3. Do you not have an opt out that states that you "Agree to work wherever your employer sends you?"

    I think a letter from your Station Commander to the local Chief Constable may right this wrong.

    And don't forget the papers.
    That always helps to embarrass them.

    The more I read this OP the more I'm thinking "Bollix!"

    How do they know where you're travelling from?
    Urban Myth springs to mind!
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  4. I have never been able to get a definition of commuting out of an insurance company. The time of day and length of journey are relevant to the risk involved in a regular journey to work. I have only been told that if you go to work in your car it's commuting and you pay extra whether that journey is three miles or thirty. Very unstisfactory. I tell my wife that she is going to the shops or returning from the shops if asked. Business use and commuting are different.
  5. No.

    But we get done to.

    Our insurance only covers home to work, not training establishments or other police duties. And if you use your car to go to court you can be done to.

    Professional Standards love it, as do the rats.

    I am neither and I know it stings, especially when you know how little there is to do other work.
  6. Could it just be that the young military are notoriously bad for having no insurance?

    Got any evidence it's victimisation? No, thought not

    Sounds like bullshit/sour grapes to me
  7. If you're commuting and your insurance doesn't cover it (they normally ask when you purchase it, but it's a good idea to check), then you're driving uninsured. That means if you crash, you're fucked - as is, potentially, the person you crash into. In some ways, they've done him a favour.

    Cheers for the heads up though. I imagine a fair few people are in the same trap.
  8. I dont if its different for cars but every bike policy you stipulate wether commuting is included or its for social domestic and pleasure only ??
  9. I don't believe it.
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  10. So how would this affect living in memebers?
  11. I am based at Station "A" but due to crewing problems I may cover Stations "C" and "D."

    We are covered because you can only be at one place of work. If you're on a course that is your place of employment.

    Or else they'd be queuing up outside Brecon to catch people out.
  12. In my day (Creak) the Civil Police had to apply to come into camp. They were taken to the Adjutant and any interviews were done there.

    I'm not doubting the OP just the story he's been told.
  13. Which part of "ANPR van outside work on Monday" didn't you understand? In case you missed the thread title..it's RAF Brize Norton, an airfield familiar to most squaddies and not generally used by the general public.

    Hope that helps Trigger.
  14. If it was pre 1987 (I think), crown immunity was in place and things had to be done differently.
  15. I suspect this is bollox, I've just read my wife's insurance policy - I have a company car policy - it clearly states that private & domestic use includes commuting to and from a place of work but not business use, she has added business because she does occasionally use it for duty travel, nowhere in that definition does it include commuting to and from a place of work. It may be particular to a specific insurance company but I expect these are generic clauses.
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