Police stupid or just meeting targets?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Apparently a guy in the North West spent the night in clink whilst the busies tried to find out whether or not he had broken a firearms law.

    He was arrested after someone reported seeing someone with a gun in his lounge. When the swat team arrived they found matey watching tv and an almost, (but not quite) lifesize plaster model of Lara (pnuematic chest)Croft standing in a corner - she had a plaster automatic in her hand.

    He and Lara spent the night in clink and released without charge today. Lara suffered several broken fingers but I don't think she talked.

    Terminally stupid is my call but no doubt someone will defend the indefensible.
  2. You have got to be kidding me... the individual must of done something to provoke the police when they arrived to investigate.
  3. The police were just p*ssed off they had to crawl through snake pits, crocodile infested swamps, spider webs and large spears and boulders before they could arrest the two of them. :twisted:
  4. Khyros, Khyros.........welcome to brave New Britain.
  5. Is that the one under
    New old Labour

    or the one under

    Old new old Labour
  6. New old new labour, of course.
    But they're still gits.
  7. News Link? any way you can sustantiate this, or is it just an rumour?
  8. True or not, the sad thing is that it's so bloody feasible in this country now.
  9. LOL! Yep... I'm just waiting for the rank and file to finally reach the limit for what absurdity they can stomach. Kinda disturbing that it hasn't yet.
  10. Ever read 1984? 23 years late but the parallels are frightening. It seems to me at times that we now have a bovine proletariat who are simply content to be 'protected' by an intrusive and overbearing Big Brother government from any number of intangible threats.

    I rather think we have now gone to far into this madness to away from it easily any more, but hope I'm wrong. Mrs Bambi tells me I am. Frequently. But what does she know?

    Thinking of 1984, I wish someone would stick a cage over Bliar's (or, for that matter, Dubya's) head and pop a rat or two in.......
  11. Orwell's 1984 was written as a description of the typhoid hospital he was incarcerated in... frightening to think that aspects of it are now applicable to the UK...
  12. Get your head round this then:
    Where do you stop a Government that passes judgement on unborn babies?
  13. Well theyve already got CCTV cameras at the conception, the next thing will be putting a transmitter on your sperm :twisted: