Police stopping 4x4s in search of "drunk shooters"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. Can anybody confirm this? If true absolute disgrace.

    "Several readers have told me in recent days of police in the West Country stopping 4x4s at dusk in case there are people in them with shotguns in the boot, after a day's shooting, who might possibly be over the alcohol limit, and therefore drunk in charge of a firearm (this includes passengers, by the way). No drunk passenger is going to kill anyone: meanwhile, guns are bought and sold freely in pubs by criminals without police interference. Is it any wonder the middle classes now despise Mr Plod so? "

  2. Police randomly stop drivers at this time of year as its common for people to have one too many drinks after work in the name of the christmas spirit. The same logic doesnt apply to a couple of drinks after a shoot? The plod cant tell if its the driver or passenger thats had a few, its merely adding a new idea relevant to that area onto already accepted practice.

    Using the same logic in the article is not fair to search neds for knives in areas rife with stabbings? Yes the searching of 4x4s is aimed at a minority, but its part of an ongoing practice with no proof its diverting resources.
  3. Please read the statement.

    "police in the West Country stopping 4x4s at dusk in case there are people in them with shotguns"

    Well of course people leaving shoots have fcuking shotguns.


    How many more...................oh fcuk I've wahed myself.
  4. In Yorkshire police stop 4x4s to check if any dead game on board has been shot with lead,rather than steel pellets.They take any 'suspicious' birds to a lab to check and will then prosecute offenders.
  5. [Anti-WAH cloak]
    Since when has it been an offence to shoot 'game' with lead shot? Are you confusing 'Game', with 'Wild Foul' shot over the foreshore?

    But more to the point, you just made the whole thing up, didn't you...
    [Anti-WAH cloak/]

    Back on thread, I saw this doing the rounds early December... e-mail quoted below
    Offical verdict: Spoof - See BASC Press release here >>clicky<<
  6. "Several readers have told me in recent days of police..........."

    Nice to see that hypocrisy in the Press extends to the so-called "quality" papers.

    If anyone else, especially the police, were to make such unsubstantiated claims there'd be howls of outrage (and rightly so).

    Simon Heffer needs to learn that with opportunity comes responsibility.
  7. I've also heard that if you suck on a penny it will fool the breath test kit, so keep a pocket full of change and you'll be fine. :roll:
  8. My point precisely!

  9. Quite apart from all the above, since when is "over the drink-drive limit" the same as "drunk"? You can be drunk in charge of a push-bike, or of a baby, but AFAIK the test is not a measurement on a breathalyser, it's a police officer's opinion on whether you are actually *drunk* - you know, "the Leith police dismisseth us", walking a line, that sort of thing. Is the test for drunk in charge of a shotgun any different?
  10. My son-in-law confirms that 'orders from above' have meant that stopping 4 x 4s in and around shoots is now 'normal' in his area. He was evasive when I asked what reasons for stopping the vehicles were. Evasive not because he did not want to tell me, but because he didn't bloody well know!

    This is part of the 'War that Dare Not Speak Its Name' - the CLASS WAR.

    Floreat the politics of Envy, Spite and Malice.
  11. Tell you what - If any of them do will you be happy to go to court and set the record straight :roll:

    Utter Utter Sh1te.

    Look at all the arrests surounding the Rhys Jones Shooting for examples of Police interference on this subject.

    That is just one fairly small example of Police is one area, of a force area tackling gun crime.

    What is your problem anyway? Do you believe that people should be allowed to Drink and then transport firearms by road if they have a certificate? People who are responsible and who have the correct documentation have nothing to fear. People like a bloke in an office where I work who go shooting every other weekend without incident.
  12. I'm not aware that the law requires a person to carry their certificate with them at all times. What happens when waiting for a variation or a reprint to come through? The Devon and Cornwall Firearms Dept were very clear to me that there is no requirement to carry a Certificate - a very good way to lose one or get it destroyed when caught in rain or slipping into a bog etc.

    Indeed, an ordinary copper has no right whatsoever to confiscate firearms - apart from anything else, the officer would be in possession of an unlicensed firearm. Only firearms officers and civies working in the firearms dept (at managerial level) may take possession of firearms apart from in the direst emergency.
  13. If teh shooter has a drink AFTER the event, and the weapons are stored in the back of a car that has a SOBER driver. I have no problem what so ever with a shooter be intoxicated.

    I DO have a problem with the police breathtesting passengers of a vehicle.

    Does your mate in the office NEVER, EVER drink whilst he has weapons in his house, no matter how secure? He is after all "in charge" of his weapons, and lock up 24/365.

    The stopping and breathlysing of a passenger in a vehilce who has a (most likely) unloaded and broken gun is exactly the same as a copper rocking up to your house whilst you have a party in full flow. Breathalysing you and telling you that seeing as your car is on the drive and your keys are in your jacket pocket he is going to seize your car and do your for being drunk in charge of a motorvehicle.

    Or is that acceptable?
  14. Police have no legal basis to demand a breathtest from a passenger-unless they believe he has been driving. Breathtest devices are for drivers, approved under RTA88 and subsequents acts. Unless someone can enlighten me with other legislation, if the police ask you for a breath sample as a passenger, politely invite them to go away!
  15. Apart from the seizing bit what you have just said is legally possible