Police Sting

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MikeMcc, Oct 6, 2004.

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  1. :lol:

    Just read this - bloody good show - I'll definitely watch it! :lol:


    One downside - does anyone else think that liberty should just shut the hell up and do something more useful instead. Something for Ken Bigley might be nice. Bloody handwringing useless whingers! :twisted:
  2. I would be interested to know the legalities of said sting 8O
  3. Sounds like entrapment to me......... :?

    Were they promised a knee trembler off Christine? 8O
  4. I believe that there's precedent for using the trick, though it sounds like they took it a bit further here and actually filmed it. I don't think it counts as entrapment as they haven't asked them to incriminiate themselves for a particular crime, just be stupid enough to turn up in a place where the police could grab them
  5. There's a great Pacino movie called Sea of Love where they use the same technique - inviting crims to meet the NY Yankees and then arresting them all. Perhaps our bobbies have been watching too much TV...
  6. i thought that was in the job description? :twisted:
  7. This was a disgraceful breach of the alleged criminals' human rights: no one should have to meet the Hamiltons!
  8. I agree! Torture would be preferable!

    As to the other legalities, no breach, they had already been convicted there for no law was broken in means of apprehension.

    In a sentence, their rights to liberty had been forfeited...

    Lock 'em up Joe!

  9. to be fair to liberty (no why bother useless oxygen theives)
    they were only complaining the thing was being shown on sky one
    could'nt we have a show
    where a team of ex squaddies hunt down criminal scum bags down for cash and prizes
  10. Like that idea, but can't serving squaddies play too?? :wink:
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Again the Tree Huggers are up in arms, as some chavs are brought to book due to their own greed.

    Nice one Hants Bill, more power their elbow.
  12. Yeah wonder why the hippie pinkos are like this, who do they think nicks their car or their bike. They musn't like justice on the scum of the country, they're probabley the kind of people who wouldn't want a chav to hang after he drove his clapped out Gti into a group of kids while being drunk.
  13. It would be 'entrapment' if they were tricked into doing something illegal and were arrested for it.

    All the people involved in this sting had already done something illegal and had up to that point avoided arrest by the police. Tricking a criminal into finally making their whereabouts known to the law, instead of hiding behind a system that doesn't require you to decalre your place of residence, is I would suggest a good call and should be applauded.
  14. Before everyone gets up on their high horse, (humour aside) I haven't heard anyone say this was anything but a fair cop. Sky News decided to make mischief out of what 'Liberty' said:

    "We don't object to the principle of the police working with the media but it leaves us with a slight sense of unease when such a serious matter is being turned into showbiz."

    Why didn't they just hold the sting (ie a fake TV show), without turning it into a real TV show? Seems a reasonable point of view.
  15. scum hunting with cvrts recce landrovers and something to do with the apaches if there ever let out to play :D
    face if some lout steaLS YOUR MOTOR AND CHASED BY THE POLICE CHANCES ARE ITS GOING TO BE WRITTEN OFF any way why not have it go out with style as a chaingun takes it apart :lol: