Police stations - an endangered species?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ciggie, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. This from today's Torygraph :

    Twice as many Tescos open 24/7 as police stations - Telegraph

    In combination with Ken Clarke's drive to close 130 courts, and policy moves which are all but saying prison sentences should be scrapped for all but mass - murder, I really do wonder what is going on. Some kind of drive to give us some international cache...as the Somalia of Europe ?
  2. I live just down the road from a cop-shop. It's only open 'normal office hours, Mon- Fri'.

    That's OK I thought, criminals probably work the same hours?

    That was until one Saturday when I had to do my duty and report a burglary - had to shout my details into a push-button contraption on the outside of the cop-shop to somebody at a call-centre 50 miles away. "give me your phone no. and we'll send you a crime number."

    Now they're on about moving said cop-shop to an out of town industrial park??!!
  3. They might as well close them. In the unlikely event that pold gets off his arrse and arrests a criminal - as opposed to the victim - should there then be sufficient evidence to charge, the CPS can't find a reason to abandon the case, a conviction is obtained then the likelyhood of a meaningful penalty being imposed is minimal.
  4. I too live near a community police station built at great expense and only 200yds down the road from an existing station & police training college... open a couple of half days a week... buzzer entry and a big feck off sign on the door telling people to remove crash helmets. FFS it's a cop shop not a piggin bank.

    A year after it was built it was officially opened by the Right Hon J Prescott MP (spit) complete with bronze commemorative plaque which was duly sequestrated by the local yoof and weighed in to supplement their meager incomes & no doubt used to help purchase the many condoms which are left on the steps every evening along with empty bottles of White Lightening. At least they are practicing safe sex so there won't be a long line of chavesses with their hands out for maternity grants or keys to a council house.
  5. Industrial estate Patrol Bases are not police stations. They are not supposed to be public facing. They concentrate all the logistical back up in one place and are the places where shifts begin and end.

    The public facing stuff will remain in the form of Safer Neighbourhoods offices (in places like Tesco funnily enough) and town centre nicks.

    FWIW when I was a PC I would be station officer (the bloke behind the counter) on night duty in an inner London nick and sometimes not see anybody between 0100-0700, How cost effective was that? Do we really need to be able to have our driving documents examined at 0400? Enquire over lost property etc? Just because the front desk is closed doesn't mean there aren't police on duty in the division. 99.9% of the critical stuff comes in by phone anyway.

  6. We get a leaflet through the door every 6 months telling us who our beat pc & pcso are.
    Never seen them in real life, may crime is low in our area, hence no plod?
  7. Most likely they are constantly attending diversity courses, and lectures on how to wear their underwear:)

  8. You could always go to one of the open ward panel meetings they will be holding?

    I see mine about all the time and recognise the faces. I don't think thats because as a copper myself I take an interest. Its more likely to be because of the posters telling me who my local police are and how to contact them (and the area I live has so little crime that I would never ever want to work here.)
  9. Well more people go to Tesco every day than people who need a cop shop, don't they? Of course there is going to be more.
  10. Slightly off topic but since it came up: why do people who live in low crime areas complain about not seeing cops? Don't you want them in the high crime areas?
  11. I drove past 2 police cars in the space of 5 minutes yesterday!
  12. In my line of work I have a direct link to police comms - not the 0845 number.
    It's not unusual for me to phone them at 00:15 and get a log number of say...100. 100 incidents / crimes reported in 15 minutes.

    I cannot fault the police and I think the maxim should stand - If you won't stand up for them - try standing in front of them.
    They suffer a similar form of "courageous restraint". They are bound by politically correct edicts and are thus unable to do what they would really like to do.
    Thats my take on it anyway. Happy to be corrected though.
  13. My issue isn't with the plod at all. I'm sure they are not asking for closures and daft bureaucracy. My issue is with the cnuts who are legislating our country towards a state of cretinuos anarchy.
  14. I was told once by a person in the know that the idea of the "local" bobbie was obsolete. Rural police stations were situated by how far a bobbie could travel on his bike, as was the post office. In the interests of efficiency in the early 90s, the majority of stations were closed and sold off with the personnel going through wastage and retirement to the extent that when required a bobbie may be available 25 miles away, if he isn't engaged in crime prevention or dealing with crime he may turn up. No wonder farm and rural crime is on the increase. A recent request for police assistance to deal with a burglary taking place was met with a call centre reply of all units were busy and thank you for reporting the incident. They turned up later the next day after a shift change. Im not knocking the police but I often wonder what our political masters are smoking. Closing police stations, courts, government offices, the TA, the forces, we are losing the protection of the state, the very thing that is supposed to be in place to ensure anarchy doesn't reign. The pikeys can camp and do what they want, the country is awash with illegals, there are groups within this country actively advocate our collapse and the liberal do gooders talk about our loss of liberties! If I defend myself and my home I will find myself in court as much a criminal as the tosser I skelped to within an inch of his life( not really but he wasn't going to get up in a hurry if he knew what was good for him)!

    A 24hr TESCOS is just what we need though, corporate brainwashing at its most cynical! If the banking collapse had really gone tits up at least I could have stocked up before taking to the hills or even taken cover within it corporate castle walls and protection from its private security guard, if he hadn't ran!
  15. Not bloody likely after what they did to that Tomlinson bloke for standing in front of them.