police specials (london) Advice sought

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by two_of_seven, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. I am (hopefully) starting a new job in London soon, but I expect the annual train ticket to be quite pricy.

    Is anyone aware: Can I join the police specials & get a train pass via them?
  2. So when they ask you why you want to be a special and you say "For the free train ticket" how impressed are they likely to be? Hardly the best motive, is it?

    Try cutting off one of your legs; disabled people get cheap train travel too, you know.

  3. :roll:

    Is it just the pass you're after or would you actually consider getting out on a Friday/Saturday night and contributing to society?
  4. I once knew a girl who'd smoke weed every night and take coke at the weekend . She was trying to become a special WPC because she heard it was interesting . She did assure me she would never bust anyone for drugs

    I really do wish Britain has a real life Charles Bronson somewhere :(
  5. I am a regular who runs a task force of MSC. All I can say is that if your primay interest is the free ticket pls don't waste your time or mine. It takes 5K to train you and 18 days before you are allowed out on the street and you will be expected to work 200 hours a year (more and more when we want you, not when you feel like it). If you are only in it for the free travel you will soon be rumbled.

    if you want to know more pls PM a contact phone number.

  6. Yeah. You get free cinema tickets as well and 50% discount at Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks.
  7. This is not always apparent.
  8. ... halves your carbon footprint too ;)
  9. If you join you get free clothes as well so that's another saving,could always wear the white shirts for work under yer suit jacket and the black tie for funerals.

    Next you'll be asking if you get boots if you join the TA, so you can use them for the gardening.

    Having just checked your previous posts ,I see you've already made the TA enquiry,are you a bit skint at present?
  10. Serving Armed Forces personnel CANNOT be members of a Police force in any capacity.
    However, members of a Police force CAN join the military reserves.

    EDIT: My bad for not reading properly. I thought you were serving in the Armed Forces.
    It matters not. If you did join the MSC and used your Warrant Card for free travel you'd be expected to deal with any incident that arose on that form of transport, so it would kinda mess your day up!!!