Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by delinquent, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. Okay heres the situation ex RMP - MD'd told can't rejoin the army without medical looking at doing something for the country (Can't get any worse)

    Wife works for Police and she said have I thought about becoming a Special (not speshul). I know they get paid squat and the jobs thankless but I want to do something.

    Anyone else been one of the Special ones or know of anyone in there now and if so whats it like - is it worth it?

    If your reg Police what do you think of them?

    Ta :D
  2. I was a Special Constable in Kent police for six years back in the 90's.
    You don't get paid anything, you get an allowance for 'new boots' once you have completed a certain amount of hours and a meal relief allowance if you work over four hours per shift.
    When I was there you did the more mundane jobs which freed up a regular but if they where really short you did the same job, domestics, pub fights, fatal RTA's, etc.
    We did get a bit of grief from the regulars at one time but they soon found out that the police force are now so strapped for cash it was a Special or nothing in the passenger seat of a patrol car.
    I give it up in the end because it dawned on me I was only in there for the cheap drink in the station bar! (Which has now closed)
  3. You would be better of having a look here


    and asking them, they also have sections for each force, so will give you a better idea. To be honest dont expect to be ragging around with all the nee nahs going making to dangerous jobs.....a lot of training in your own time and a lot of foot beat. Then again I dont really know cause I was never a special. Good luck..
  4. I was an SC for over a year, until I moved. Really enjoyed it, got stuck in with the regs, being in a nick out in the sticks they really relied on us and now the PCSO's are in, the regs seem to respect Specials a lot more.
    In the 18 months I was in, i did attachments with Traffic, was on drugs raids and spent 12 hour shifts crewed with a reg dealing with all manner of jobs, I was not a spare bod I actively took part.
    Times have changed for Specials and for the better.
  5. I don't think there is a black and white answer to this one. It very much depends which force and which division/OCU you get posted to. In my force, (WMP), they are given some pretty arrse jobs (cordons/posting leaflets, 'reassurance patrols etc, which in truth can be a bit morale sapping )

    I am not one for slagging Specials, they are for the most part ,keen and willing to get involved in most anything. Problem is, once they have arrested someone, the lack of training becomes abundantly clear (I have seen some 'interesting' statements) Generally when we, as Regulars, get a handover package for a prisoner arrested by the Specials, there is an amount of teeth gritting going on!!

    You may find the level of policing as a Special to be frustrating bearing in mind you are ex RMP. (Stand by for incoming!!!!!)

    Good luck whatever you decide.
  6. Thanks for all the great pieces of advice, I'll look into it.

    Cheers :D
  7. Why not try the MDP. The fact that your ex forces and RMP (my condolences) may be a benefit. Some constabularies have different requirements and MDP may well send you to military garrison near to your home. Good luck.
  8. West Yorks has a PSU (public order unit) that have specials. You get to drive round in a van wearing covies and get some argie bargie in.

    Seriously, it depends on your BCU. They do tend to get the sh!ty jobs though when there's no PCSO's left. Traffic control at events and such. Its like anything rough and smooth.

    Give it a try you can always jack if you don't like it.
  9. My youngest boy is a special, and he thinks it is good, like any other job there are good and bad points. Just like the services if you show willing and get on with things then you get accepted and are valued. the boy has been in 4 years and generally works nights at the weekend policing the bar/night club quarter, plenty of agro with drunks etc just like on the telly, and he really enjoys himself. He has 2 commendations for things he has done, so allthough they dont get payed (most police forces are skint anyway) there is recognition for doing things right. Go for it mate, what have you got to loose.

    ps: sorry for writing war and peace, but there you are
  10. Agree with above ( from viewpoint of ex pc).

    Boot allowance. No pay, but:

    Doing something of value. You can do as much or as little as you want really. The ones who are respected are those who turn in for the late and night shifts at the weekend or for the football matches.

    If you turn up regularly for these shifts , you will pair up on a regular basis with someone who appreciates you being there who will train you ( not that you will need it being rmp but the paper chase after an arrest is always dire). The best way is to follow one shift so you get to know them and become a colleague rather than just a face. Choose the shift that contains reasonably evolved individuals. :)

    Not subject to the Police Disciplinary code ( someone serving needs to comment... it may have changed). Your torts looked after by the force, so no civil claims, unlike security guard.

    Most important thing:

    It says you give a fcuk. If the medical stuff prevents some employment, going in the specials looks good on a cv.

    Hope this helps.
  11. Fraid not MDP may be based in Garrisons but don't work them, Aldershot for example. Initially it would be AWE, Coulport or one of the gas stations (Bacton, Easington Peterhead)
  12. In Glasgow they've started to give them a grand if they do a certain number of shifts over the year. The idea that they get the mundane stuff seems to be gone as well - I know one special and they are actively encouraged to turn up for the Friday and Saturday night "rumble".

    The thing would annoy me is the idea that the community aren't really getting a higher level of cover - turn up regularly and all you do is encourage the local authority to trim the spend. Think of the money that gets spent on local government; only 20-25% of the spend is from your council tax, the rest comes from national government. You might think that your local authority is shit value for the 2k you pay in council tax. Actually they are shit value for that plus a massive wedge from Westminster. Policing is only £200 per head in most places. Secondary school places cost £5,500 per head in Scotland - over 150k per classroom, 30 on the teacher, a grand on heat, light and books, and the rest pissed up against the wall on promoted staff who have meetings and "behavioural management units" - Portacabins with six nutter kids running around being watched by six retired teachers.

    Putting free labour into that mix would annoy me. If often thought about the specials, but there's a lot to think about.
  13. I did a couple of years as a SC - really enjoyed it, started on the basic duties (traffic control at events, foot patrol, custody) and subsequently asked to join response shifts.

    Yes its unpaid apart from travelling expenses and boot allowance, but I found the experiences were worth the commitment.

    delinquent - PM inbound
  14. What not become a community support officer? Get paid £2000000000000 a year and not have the hassle of having to arrest anyone 8)
  15. I've never understood why the Police don't pay Specials the going rate for the hours they put in. Specials are, effectively, the Police version of the TA. Why not pay them as such? Is it down to lack of money?

    If I was getting paid for it, and some of the "sexier" jobs - like TSG :twisted: - were open, I might give it a shot!