Police should pursue terror suspects into mosques

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rockape34, Feb 20, 2007.

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  2. I hope these mosque elder ar*eholes were arrested for obstruction, oh I forgot muslims are blairs chosen and the police mustn't upset them.
  3. What I don't understand is that if he was judged to pose a threat to national security, why was he not in custody?
    Is this country fcuking mad??????

  4. Nick'em, lock 'em then deport 'em after bubba has taken his pleasure. If they were back in there home lands hiding terrorist's, they would end up dangling on a rope from a crane! About time we stopped pussy footing around these nutters. Simple choice, British Law or p**s Off somewhere else! :pissedoff:
  6. Mosques are not vatican city, what's the problem?
  7. Last time I was in a mosque, I had to take my shoes off. Do the police have to do this too? If so, doesn't it make hot pursuit a bit difficult?

    I thought the religious sanctuary laws had been abolished years ago.
  8. Demolish the mosques, solves the problem, the last time i checked britain was a christian country, tolerance of other faiths has gone to far and its time we as a country stood up to all the political correctness crap that Bliar and his Tw@ts keep ramming down our necks. :shakefist:
  9. A quick verse of the Ha Rollo, then police officers would be justified in their pursuit on the only religious grounds that matter. Any problems could be referred to Her Majesty, the Duke of Normandy! Oh, simpler times...
  10. What would HENRY THE v111 do, if he were alive?
    It would probably sting but not for long..........
  11. [quote="The_Seagull]Why is it that minorities are the only ones with "community leaders" anyway?[/quote]

    Because they're the only ones that live in what could be called a community?
  12. Paramedics don't take their shoes off.
  13. How do they wash their feet? ;-)
  14. 100% Agreed.
  15. They don't, instead they pour talc down the sides of their shoes.