Police shoot to wound ? A "politically correct" policy ?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by shagnasty, Jun 5, 2013.

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  1. Since when did the police have a shoot to wound policy? Everyone who used small arms knew that you always shot at the largest body mass..ie the trunk. Hits in the head or throat were a bonus. So....I still can't work out how this scrote presently show-boating in court for the murder of a soldier in the streets of Londonistan and his opo were shot in the arms/legs.

    Most of the innocent victims of police gun crime have been shot in the head or body. Methinks....political correctness in the police reaches new depths. Did someone in higher authority, during the 14 -20 minutes delay, give the order to WOUND & not SHOOT TO KILL because it might upset .."the communities" and lead to another summer of riots????
  2. Ok..I'll bite....

    Fuck off!!
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  3. I don't know how badly they were "incapacitated" by being shot in the legs, but I would have atleast expected them to be trundled into court in a wheelie chariot sans kneecaps..
  4. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Might it have been precisely because they wanted to die?
  5. Give your head a shake,

    There is no "shoot to wound" policy, just as (with the exception of Kratos) no "shoot to kill" policy. It's shoot to stop the threat.
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  6. Facts have no place here!

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  7. Going by the evidence you've presented, methinks you don't.
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  8. Was this you?

    London Mosque Fire: Police Investigate Cause
  9. If you had any real experience with small arms, you would be well aware that shooting to wound, rather than kill is massively more difficult. Especially, when a six foot nutter is running at you with an b f o knife. But as you Don't, you obviously don't.
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  10. I was going to reply to this, but it's got to be a wah.
  11. As we always said in NI we don't have a shoot to kill policy. Admittedly some of our small arms training material was headed "Shoot to Kill"...but that is bye the bye. We shot at the body mass ...no one ever shot at the arms or legs.

    However one cannot ignore the killings by licensed firearms officers in the police of UNARMED civilians. Several in recent years. An unarmed man on a train...several bullets to the head. An unarmed naked man in bed. A man walking the street with a chair leg. A man in a car. Come on! Stop the threat? Don't talk rubbish! A SHOOT TO KILL in every case.

    So when a crazy covered in blood who has already chopped someone to death runs at you with a pistol you ONLY STOP THE THREAT? Give me a break! Double Tap unless told otherwise!
  12. Horse Shit.
  13. So you think the coppers arrived knowing that someone had been horribly killed, saw a massive black fella covered in blood and carrying a BFO knife charging at them at the speed of ten thousand gazelles and you think their first thought was the political ramifications of killing him or his pistol toting friend?

    Are you on crack?
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  14. I'm using a kindle so its a pain to reply so I'll leave it at this . You are either a piss poor troll, or thick. Personally I'm leaning toward thick.
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  15. Did your mother drop you down the stairs as a child or were you just bottle fed listerine from an early age?

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