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"Police Seize Stash Of Gangs' Guns"

A flint-lock?

"Yo, sirrah, I charge you to show a greater respect for myself and my fellows, or else I shall place a lead ball in your posterior, you haver of unnatural commerce with his Mater."
Avast ye scurvy swab and giveth me thy purse!

ETA: Two flare pistols, two flintlocks and a rusted up what looks like old victorian British Bulldog revolver that you can't get ammo for anyway.
The police must have raided the Pirates of the Caribbean film set for those cutting edge dealers of death, clearly desperate to claw back some credibility.

Last time they got that desperate they raided an actual film in production - Monty Python and the Holy Grail for a few pointy things!


Thank god I'm not the only one laughing at the met this morning, I wouldn't be surprised if theres not a catapult made from a stick and an elastic band in the next haul.

It not for gang related stuff They have decided to sort out their differences like gentlemen.

10 paces turn and fire, much more civilised than those ghastly AK's eh what!!.
By gosh, those Peelers are on the ball. At least we can be safe in the knowledge that the footpads won't be about tonight Sherlock.
"Guns ultimately have one purpose: to cause death or serious injury." That's two purposes!

"Never expect the Spanish Inquisition! It's main weapon is surprise. Surprise and fear ... it's TWO main weapons are surprise and fear, and ..."
"Right, hand over your lupins!"

"What, the flower lupin?"


"But we haven't got any lupins."

"I happen to know this is the lupin express."

Apols to Monty Python. Etc.
I refer the honourable gents represented here to that last Police own goal on weapons....

BBC NEWS | England | Cornwall | Rocket launcher given to police

A drain pipe was handed in to the coppers and they got all excited.

It is not known if the weapon can be used as no-one has tested it, but it will be destroyed along with the host of other weapons handed in.

The M72 is about 700mm long and was designed by the US as a single-shot disposable rocket launcher to give infantrymen a lightweight weapon to operate against tanks.
you may mock but didn't somebody get killed by a late 19th century revolver?
it only has to function once and hopefully the scroates who were hiding this lot go down for a long time. Because they weren't holding this collection of junk for any other purpose than cause trouble.

Mark The Convict

Plod spokesperson; 'We have confiscated an undetectable non-metallic gun of the sort favoured by terrorists!'

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