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Ladies Gents,

I have to fill in the police security questionaire after passing the Assessment Centre, my question is when i was a wee boy (19) I went AWOL (yes I know) and after giving myself in I was awarded 14 days detention by my CO, i am going to declare it on the form (Question 34) what i need to know is will this go against my application and how far do they delve into my military background not that i have anything else to declare just wondering if they might miss this on the checks.
Only resonable answer please
honestly is the best policy and all that b0ll0cks but, if they ask answer if not don't worry that's my opinion
I think on the Police security questionnaire they ask you about civil offences. AWOL is a military offence, and has nothing to with your civvy record. I'd leave it out.
When I renew my Security Clearance paperwork, I leave out my 18 days, no-one's ever mentioned it.
No sure what details they are asking you for. If it is the 'Have you ever done anything you regret?' type question then I would declare it. You never quite know how deeply they will investigate your military service. A number of years exemplary service after your misdemeanour would see it get swept under the carpet but better to be honest rather than get found out at a later stage.
Best to cough to it ...if you don't and it was found later, for example for further vetting, you would be in poo as it can be judged as gaining a pecunary advantage for getting a job. Police are really only concerned with assault or dishonesty cases during your Mil service as a rule. Normally they would ask for your conduct assessment on leaving the service ie exemplary, good etc so it would need to match up with what you have written. I take it you havent signed a piece of paper saying that you have declared all convictions,arrests etc to the best of your knowledge yet ?
It won't affect it. If anything it shows integrity that you "Handed yourself in".

Not that the security people mind.

They just want to know whether your a shoe bomber or not.

I'd worry more about your second interview if Mag to grid's experience is anything to go off.
My belief is that the Civpol would check with RMP CCRIO to see what offences are recorded there.

If your CO dealt with it directly and RMP were not involved then it would not be on the CCRIO system.

However if the RMP got to hear about the AWOL through Civpol they would have to produce a ghost casefile, this would have required the CO to complete a CCRIO form with your punishment, thus recorded.

Hope this helps.

Best bet - be honest!
Some very good feedback,

Thanks very much, I think the best policy is to declare it, the form is the orange security questionaire that i have filled out on a number of occasions whilst i was in.
The offences that i was involved in was in 1987 - 1990.

Final interview on Monday 4th Feb so fingers crossed.

And i didnt get my LSGC :oops:

Again thanks very much to everyone that has replied

The Civi
Best policy is to declare it. I know a Superintendent who when he was a cav trooper overturned the adjutants vintage landrover and joined the silver helmets for a couple of weeks, didn't harm him.


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