Police Search Muslims Shock

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Seadog, Mar 29, 2004.

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  1. The police must be doing a good job.


    If kids have been shoplifting in Asif's shop, the police don't look for culprits among OAPs in the vicinity.

    Asif puts a sign up in the shop door: 'only two children permitted in the shop at the same time' and gets his oldest son to enforce his rule and keep a very close eye on whichever two kids are in the shop.

    Fair enough. It's his shop. But not all children are thieves.
  2. Not racist, but we are fighting against a terrorist organisation whose members are muslim, surprisingly! :?

    So in this present climate, expect to be stopped. If you have nothing to hide then why complain?

    If there was a Dui-lai terrorist group and they kept pulling me over because I am a dui-lai, then I would be most happy to oblige as I am a law abidding Dui-lai! :p
  3. Will the 5-oh be stopping White males of a certain age as well?

    I only ask, because there a fair few white men who are converts to Islam.

    Frequently, it's the converts, who are the really dangerous bastards
  4. PTP wrote
    It is and they are. Richard "Shoe Bomber" Reid was a convert, but being of mixed race and "looking the part" so to speak, he'd be accepted into the terrorist brotherhood.

    Would an SS poster boy lookalike convert be so accepted, or be murdered? A spy for the imperialist mercenary snake...... pig dogs.

    Not impossible but unlikely that pasty faced blondies are suspect. Doesn't mean they don't get stopped and searched before boarding an aircraft in the UK, frequently and paradoxically by security guards of 'terrorist' :wink: R :wink: appearance.
  5. What worries me almost as much as anything else seen here is that there is a "Leroy Logan" of the "Black Police Officers Association".
  6. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,3604,1180136,00.html

    Nothing to do then with the antics of Mohammad Atta and his associates, or Richard Reid. Not because of Omar Khan Sharif and Asif Hanif's city break. No concerns generated by the fatwah on Salman Rushdie. Nobody is swayed on the non Muslim side of the fence by the rantings of Abu Hamza. Nobody gets the jitters because of bombings in Bali, Instanbul, Tel Aviv, Madrid? (Getting closer.)

    The Tipton Taliban? So everybody believes they went on a computer course, to a wedding or to dist humanitarian aid? As for the failure of the so called moderate Muslims to leave the rest of us in no doubt that they really love the infidel mercenary Zionist snake, pig dog; that's got nothing to do with Islamophobia?

    It's the fault of the anti terrorist legislation. That's cleared that up. :roll:
  7. Does this not in some way link with the speech made by Lord Carey.

    If the muslims/islamist were far more vocal and involved in condeming these acts and in defending their country (thats here!!) then there would be less phobia. But quite frankly they don't appear concerned about this country as a whole, - more about their individual rights.

    We're supposed to see everything from their point of view yet they don't seem prepared to look at it from ours.

    Thats fair isn't it?! 8O
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Depending on which news article I'm watching at the time I'm torn between 'hating' the Israelis and 'hating' muslims. About the only person I feel sad about now is Peter Ustinov.

    Apathy, coming to a soul near you soon.

  9. Good points R_H, why is it every ethnic,( I dont say minority anymore because thats a bit of a misnomer) group in the UK feels they have a right to walk in demand everything left right and center whilst being protected from the very country they run away from.

    The majority have no respect for our laws and way of life they just want to have everything they have back home, with one major addition the freedom they are afforded to say and do what they like at anytime.

    Why, and I have asked this so many times in various places , why are non of these refugees/ethnic groups prepared to go home and fight for the way of life they want in there own land? are they cowards?....traitors?......or is it we are just way to soft and and make it so easy for them to stay and air there views and beliefs in total safety, whilst at the same time trambling on traditions, ways of life and values of the country they have chosen to live in?

    The protection they get from the PC brigade is so scary as it is ,in time, going to change the the country into something its not, and that will be a very sad day.
  10. TCS30- What do you mean 'in time' :?:

  11. Fair point Blackhand, I guess i am just hoping it wont .
  13. Reasons for Islamophobia, other than anti terrorist legislation :roll: ;

    I forgot Lockerbie. :oops:
  14. Just got a newsflash from the BBC:

    More than half a ton of ammonium nitrate fertiliser found in England terror raids.

    For more details: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news
  15. This is going to make me look like a racist but further serves to illustrate why white males between the age of 17 and 32 aren't routinely stopped in the same way as those with non-white skin.

    PS - it woz for me muvvers roses in afganistan, I'm going their for a wedding 8O