Police scared of the dark!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by magnet, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. AAAH,the poor didums,do their mums still need to wipe their noses for them?It's probably 'Elf and safety gone mad again.
  2. The wife and I came across a plod last week.He was standing in a country lane staring at a huge horse that had escaped from a field.My wife put the spare dog lead around it's neck and led the horse into the field.Meanwhile plod reinforcements arrive,both of them stayed in their Skoda,as they "were affraid of horses"
  3. Did you actually bother to read it all? He said they don't patrol it as it has it's own security guard after 20:00hrs.

    Go and join the other plod hating mongs in the gimp cage you knob
  4. it's own security guard after 2000hrs to do what? Call the police if anything happens, fat lot of good that is!
    Oh and I don't hate the police, I actually value the job they do, however when some high ranking officer makes a decision like this I think it's only fair that people should know and laugh about it.
    Crawl back under your rock and be grumpy at someone else.
  5. Asda have security guards, the Police don't patrol Asda?

    What is your point? You called them Spineless Barstewards, which tends to suggest you believed it was a no go area because they were frightened of the dark? OR you were trying to drum up anti plod posts by suggesting it. What they actually mean is, why patrol somewhere where there is a security guard who, if he/she is not a deterrent, then they will ring and advise the Police that they are needed, thereby allowing them to patrol elsewhere in teh meantime.

    What you have tried to do is make a thread based on a non story by twisting the gist of the story.

    I wonder how many plod you think that area has that allows them to actively patrol/have a presence in a childrens playground?

    Not being grumpy just responding to the way you write!
  6. What an advert for JOCKey shorts. That's what you get for being fed fried mars bars. Mind you i will admit to waking up next to a few 'donkeys' during my times in the fatherland
  7. Parks patrol is in its own right quite a specialised role, knowledge of local bylaws and relevent powers that a security officer, whom might well have been sworn as an authorised officer of the local authority may have that the local Home officer copper might not

    I know of several Parks Patrols/Constabularies who have ther own dog section, carry cuffs and have been designated with certain police type powers under CSAS or sworn in by a Mag and are constables within the confies of parks
  8. On a patrol in NI many moons ago at night, in a bad place half of my section wouldn't go through a field with cows in, happy to take on the nutters but scared of a few
    Cows. It takes all sorts.
  9. Ever considered therapy?
  10. Having ascertained a misplaced project supported alcoholic's bungalow has been taken over with forcible entry to the door by a group of 15-16yr olds, police were called and eventually despatched an officer. Having been told of the liklihood of the "visitors" escaping through a back window, he though the better of calling for assistance, and loudly knocked and announced himself at the front door. Unsurprisingly to those of us more aware of how the average dastardly criminal might think, they thought to force the safety catches on said back window (£60 of damage), and into the back garden.

    All was obviously not lost, as there was a forty yards run for them to the fence.

    PC took control of the situation swiftly, and turned on his AAA Penlight, and pointed it towards them.

    For some reason this did not work (badly ut, as his admin was great and it did light, end of achievement for the evening.

    Better though than my report to them new Years Day of 2010, when a caravan was set in fire at the end of my short drive, when they managed to mix up two reports, apologised by phone, and sent officers 25th of february to the scene.

    And I still remain basically a supporter of the police!
  11. Ah, talking of Plod hating mongs....................................
  12. Another non story. A senior police officer, who's probably never seen the outside of his office in years, comes up with a load of old bollocks.

    Or perhaps he's trying to force the councils hand in doing their job and provide some lighting in a problem park which would alleviate the crime and anti social behaviour problems.

    Hardly news worthy is it?

    We've not had a decent plod outrage thread on here in months.
  13. I think part of "outrage" is the shock and surprise surprised element that something could be so bad!

    In my case I have now moderated my expectation of the local police to so low I would not be surprised, shocked
    or outraged at anything; even leaving aside the national press our local force made with the economy of truth in the ex services nuisance incident; where he was converted from nuisance to criminal by the criminal acts of a Special, apparently unnoticed by his colleagues, their viewpoints obviously being too distant at about two feet.