Police Riot training stopped by nasty banner

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dropshortjock, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. I almost put this in the Current Affairs forum. Then thought that the NAAFI might be more amusing...

    Chief constable embarrassed after son waves offensive placard at police training event

    A chief constable's son has embarrassed his father by displaying offensive placards at a police training event.
    Officers removed Jack McPherson, 17, from the riot training exercise after he held up banners including one that proclaimed, 'All policewomen are dykes'.
    Norfolk Chief Constable Ian McPherson was forced to cut short a meeting after he was contacted about the situation and asked to intervene.
    Mr McPherson, who is the Association of Chief Police Officers' spokesman on children, is then understood to have ordered his son to issue an apology.
    A police source said: 'The banner was a real show-stopper. Members of the public who take part in these events are meant to make them trying for officers but the sign - and the person who wrote it - took everyone into completely new territory.
    'The constabulary has tried to play this down but it has caused a lot of anger among the rank and file and has been an embarrassment for the chief.
    'Some of the remarks were particularly offensive.'
    It was not clear how the teenager came to be at the event.

    A police source said a 17-year-old had been involved in displaying an inappropriate banner at a training day at RAF Coltishall near Norwich, but he had apologised and no further action would be taken.

  2. So; if you're a rioter and want to know how to stop any Police action, you know what banner to write.

    "Train easy, run away crying"
  3. The anti-capitalist rioters missed a trick there.
  4. Were the placards written in CAPITAL LETTERS too? Shocker!
  5. Who knew, the banner is mightier than the petrol bomb.
  6. So, if I understand correctly, the guys son was part of the mob being used to train the police? And he had a sign "All police women are dykes" to wind them up. The training was then stopped because it came as a "shock" the coppers..........who were training to stop riots..........riots that would probably involve a bit more than harsh words.
    1. Fair play to the lad, he was there to act like a member of an unruly mob and he succeeded.
    2. If the police subsequently come across a riot that involves anything more than "Ooooh, you're a nasty man!" and the occasional angry glare then I think they may struggle :roll:
  7. so you write the truth and you stop the police playing with the riots!
    i cant stop smiling at how funny this is!!!
    this should be on a comedy show not real life!!
  8. "clever" student meet wpc wearing comfatable shoes and carrying Diversity
    training stick apply divirsity training until student unit "wit" changes mind :twisted:

    worked on me facing very large angry royal signals sgt in cyprus who objected to my comment "did'nt think dykes were allowed in the army" this was back in 91 :oops:
  9. Should of used a placard like that at Tin City, instead of them bloody rubber bricks
  10. Now thats riot training! A bunch of bezzers and collegues trying to knock f*ck out of you. You might not get a great deal of benifit from the training but by f*ck you could start a riot with the best of them :D
  11. Is this correct..??..I thought these were what 'little Dutch boys' put their finger into..??..is not the current teminology 'dikes'..??..perhaps Jarrod can enlighten us..??..anyway if he were my son I'd get my officers to give him a good 'shoeing' so the little 'cnut' woud start to 'man up' and realise what the 'big bad world' was about

  12. My bold. I think you may be missing the point, have another read of the story, I don't think it's the lad who needs to "man up"
  13. Stopress!!

    "Lesbian coppers in Norfolk sue for hurt feelings and emotional trauma"

    In fact I was laughing so hard,it hurt my ribs.Who can I sue?
  14. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Wouldn't be if written by 'anti-capitalists'.
  15. So to get the Police to run away during a riot all you have to do is question their sexuality. I bet the Poll tax rioters wish they had, had that little nugget of information.

    For fcuks sake when are people stop being fcuking offended every time something like this happens somebody shouts at someone on a train, Oooh I'm hurt and offended, bloody woman has hurt feelings because she is a rug muncher, bloody police can't ignore a fcuking placard.