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Many of us on this site are partial to a bit of a look at the lives of folk in the Police, the Ambulance Service, Fire Brigade and so on. I've read some really good autobiographies of Ambulance Men, Helimed Doctors and so on. So I though that "Police Response: The Story of a Response Cop" from Amazon on the Kindle (well, Kindle App on my iPad) would be worth a shufty, and a bargain at only £2.00.

God, I wish I hadn't bothered. Many of us are closet grammar and spelling Nazis. We'll pick apart a single line post on this site and crucify the poor sod who dared mix up there and their, were and where, and misuse of apostrophes and commas. Guys, with this book there would be ARRSErs going apoplectic. Someone really needs to sack the proof reader. It's not like there are one or two errors. It's more like 5 - 10 per page. And you know how that sort of thing can distract from a really good story? Not in this case. It adds to a really badly written account of a Police Officer's life from day one at his first station, through marriage and childbirth and driving fast response cars. The trouble is, I have difficulty believing that this was written by an adult. OK, it had lots of police language. The descriptions sound like they may have come directly from a statement, but the rest of it is of the standard of a 12 year old's "What I did on my holidays" essay at the beginning of a new term. It really is that poor. No depth to the accounts of incidents, no humour, no thrills, no emotion. There is no sense of involvement with either the characters or situations. And it jumps backwards and forwards in time with no warning adding nothing to the story.

You know sometimes you have to read the odd sentence again to make sure you have understood it? That's more than a common occurrence with this book. And still many of them make no sense. Sometimes it is as if the author started writing a sentence, popped out for a coffee and donut, and came back and started writing wherever his brain was at the time.

In summary then, this book is awful. Badly written, badly composed rubbish. Seriously, don't waste your time, energy and £2.00.

I give this book a very generous 1/2 a Mushroom. I'd give it a zero, except that folk would think I'd forgotten to rate it.

Police Response: The Story of a Response Cop (2nd Edition) eBook: Jeremy Green: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

Note: This review is not an official ARRSE Review, but really worth putting up anyway.
Sounds a right load of rubbish. Get a book by Harry Cole off Amazon. Much better written about life as a police officer and the human side of things.


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It was seriously bad. I've read better, more engaging essays from my son's early days at secondary school.

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