Police refer a job well done to the complaints department

Rightly or wrongly the bobby will probably lose his job for this. At the least I reckon he's up for a dangerous driving charge. He will have known this so I imagine/hope he had a good excuse for doing what he did.
I'm hoping he can swing it as a proportionate use of force. A mini risk assessment done and a broken leg is not too bad. If the guys had baseball bats to smash the windows then ramming them off is IMHO totally fair game.
Didn't have a choice, the crim suffered an injury.

With a bit of luck the case will be batted back. But I'm not holding my breath.
Criminal will pick up 1mill in damages and a furter 30k to take in to account he can no longer 'work'. His human rights will be taken in to account.

Copper will be banned from driving and given a 6 month suspended sentance.
Another copper bites the dust! When will plod realise that ALL the law is weighed in favour of the criminal. Limp/Dims would disband the police entirely if they got their way.
The Police get the service they deserve.

Now, if the bloke on the bike had made some homophobic remark to the jewellery store staff, this would have been touted in every Police journal as an example of right on, equality and diversity Policing at it's finest, and he'd have been in line for a commendation and promotion.


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They should be commended instead of being investigated. Encapsulates whats wrong with this country. In the former Soviet Bloc (and most of those countries today pno doubt) they would have probably gotten a slap on the back and a bottle of vodka from the chief.
If it was serious the IPCC would have got hold of it. This is just an internal job, and it's unlikely police are going to put other police in the shit.
If it was serious the IPCC would have got hold of it. This is just an internal job, and it's unlikely police are going to put other police in the shit.
Don't believe it. I was investigated after a woman, in her car, shouted **** off at me, then stuck two fingers out of the window at me .... my 6 year old was sat next to me at the time. At the next lights I held my warrant card up to the window - and she became all bashful. By the time I got home, 15 mins, she had already called force HQ and I had a message to call in. Complaints, interviews, time wasted. Sadly its the higher ups that drive the system to please limp dicked political masters.

Before anyone says anything about flashing warrant cards, it was encouraged so that even off duty there was a potential police presence around.
People moaned when "good old fashioned policing" was the norm. Things changed in response to that. This is the result of all that change. People got what they wanted. Where's the problem?
I think Plod, as in people doing Police Work, do realise. It's the Senior Officers who are clueless!!

The freemason graduates who after two years of real policing experience get put into a bean counter office and broaden their valuable life experience by attending higher command, community conscious, ethnic sensitivity, how to avoid public enquiry policing courses that will aid their back stabbing rise to the top.

PC: "Well Sir, he was hitting me with a baseball bat so I zapped him with the taser, cuffed him and threw him in the wagon".

Super: "Oh dear. Surely you could have asked him if he came from a socially deprived area, was abused as a child or suffered from ADD that caused him to suffer educationaly, thus pushing him socially into a life of petty crime and violence"?

PC: "Actually Cur, I was too busy stopping him and his mates from standing on my head to have the time to engage in a verbal discourse to determine the short comings of his upbringing and the detriment that missing large portions of his schooling have caused to his employability and social standing in the community".

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