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hi chaps im currently applying for the police and one of the questions is about my military background and it asks for my unit contact details but the only problem is my unit has disbanded anybody got any ideas on what i should do cheers guys
Put down your RHQ address. I'm assuming they haven't been disbanded, They will have all your Mil Records.
I was thinking of putting glasgow, there is still 1 squadron from my regiment left but the rhq element has gone according to a guy in the last remaining squadron
We were in a similar situation when our unit disbanded. We were told to refer people to Glasgow.
Just refer them to Glasgow - for what it's worth. I was given a right royal runaround and got nowhere. Young, fit, experienced, literate and eloquent... but not gay... or... 'caught enough sun'. Time, waste of, qty x1.
Job will be fucked when they finish ******* with the Office of Constable and the Police in general. The 30 year pension is gone... Met a MA guy during the summer shite. He has to work an extra 12 years for the same money! I'm only in it now because I have 9 years to do........ Then private market if I s want to work.
To be fair we went a bit off topic. Re what to put down. You can as suggested put your RHQ, or put HM Armed Forces Army they know where to apply because they get them via the same point of contact. Realistically they only need your branch, unit name service number and your rank not forgetting the rest of your personal details. Back to the rant there are a lot of changes and after 19 years it is not what it was when I joined, but I recall people saying that when I joined you can see the pattern. The pension is still good and although average earnings wont suit those who are very mid service you can still transfer your service towards it so if you served 9 you would be looking at about 6 so you could still be working until you are 54 instead of 60.

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