Police recruit on 5 year probation because of stutter!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hat20, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Does tend to take the p*ss somewhat even in these days of equality etc.
    What next....deaf/dumb wheelchair bound beat copper?
  2. cant comment specifically but I know of PCSOs with sever difficulties walking.

    All under the Disability Discrimination Act I believe.
  3. used to have a sgt with a stutter for drill, "section h h h h ha ha ha, Oh Fcuk, STOP!"
  4. While not believing that anyone should be discriminated against because of a disabilty, common sense has to apply.
    If a job requires a lot of walking, then you wouldn't consider someone in a wheelchair.
    Just the same as you wouldn't offer a job to someone who is profoundly deaf in a call centre working on a telephone.
    There is a job for most people with a physical disability but sometimes you just have to draw a line between capable and incapable.
  5. Theres a PCSO in Warringtonton With a Thalidamide Arm, He gets loads of respect from the Kids. He's not seen as an east target at all. (Read with Extreme Sarcasm).
  6. That'll be the short arm of the law
  7. What a Cnut, it would'nt be so funny if you had it would it now ??

    And I bet you didnt laughh in his face!

    You Ignorant B*astard.
  8. Does he use it instead of a truncheon?
  9. Fuck off civvie.

  10. During a very thrilling course we had a couple of days on employment law. Real examples were given (well we were told they were real, I didn't check) and allegedly a call centre that failed to employ a deaf (possibly blind too, can't remember) person was sued for discrimination; and yes, it was successful.
  11. Can you have just one flid arm? Any I've seen had both arms flidded.
  12. Did you mean to type that with a stutter?
  13. It's him - conory WAS that Sgt!
  14. Excuse me?? How come non-white recruits routinely get offered extra help? If I was 'non white', I'd be a bit pished off that I had been singled out for remedial. It's implying coloureds are thicker and need special assistance. Certainly doesn't do 'their cause' any good.
  15. Whose idea was it to put all those T's in the word stutter?