police record wiped to let a scrote in

Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by sleeper, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. Just suppose one of the small northern town scrotes, that has quite a criminal record spanning the last few years that i know, manages to get the local police force to wipe a few things off so he can enter HMF could this be done as i wouldnt want this little tea leaf gracing my regt, seemingly he is one of a big gang that the local police are pretty scared of and are really keen to get rid off there patch any ideas
  2. maybe it will straighten him out? :)

    then he can go back, teach his scrote friends the error of their ways. they can all join up and no more problem!

    we all bang on about them doing a spot of national service - yet when one of the little cherubs wants to better himself, you try and stop him!

    ah the irony lol

  3. "No No No Bruv - Your position n hold is shizzle ma nizzle. Get a good grip of it... If its not firm enough to support ya piece you won't be able to shoot propah innit"

    What a good idea! :Roll:
  4. Lets not water down the armed forces and lets definately not train known criminals in weapon handling!
  5. fair point but dont want to see any more tax payers money wasted on a no hoper who gets in on false pretences, plus from what ive seen of this bunch of dibble round here dont want them to pass the buck and give themselves a easy life. To quote a woman copper up here after a assault (they all wear hoodies so we cant do any thing about them)
  6. you guys are no fun at all.
  7. Hypocrites, we don't want choirboys and we are adept at knocking many a scrote into shape.

    One of the best soldiers I know was an incorrigible criminal but the army gave him a chance and he more than repaid the debt.

    Let he who is without sin cast the first rock.
  8. Fair enough. HowevI don't like the idea of writing off a criminal record. If I'm honest I doubt its even possible and imagine it would have to involve alot of communication between the courts and the forces. Why all these special measures for one person?
  9. I must confess the army should know about the offences and make the decision based of all the information available.

    The way I see it a working class scrote with a few convictions is probably still more honest and of better character than our Ministers of Defence.

    Corrupt lying b*stards to a man.
  10. What a good idea, I haven´t got a crimial record, so I´ll have two flat ones and a bag of gravel please...

    However, with a bit of purpose, a beasting or two and some "hard knocks" to set them on the right path. I am sure these scroats would soon buck up... or go awol.
  11. How could I argue with that :evil:
  12. I know where your coming from about the best lads used to be no saints as ive known a few, just the way things are with the quality of person coming in. ie someone with character who you can over look there misdemeanors is no where near some chav scum bag that fights in packs and gets smacked out of his skull every weekend get my drift.
  13. I think we should give those deserving of a second chance just that.

    I myself was no angel, the army for the whole, kept me out of trouble and taught me many and varied skills that I couldn't have learned anywhere else.

    I hope to utilise these talents in my future career as a mass murderer.
  14. This was also the case for me. However...

    1. I never got caught
    2. I was never THAT bad
    3. I already understood discipline
  15. Having discovered that the complaints system in the army isn't perfect, I always found battering your "superiors" whilst on the lash, had a far more satisfying feel than all that pointless paperwork.

    Also a sympathetic psychiatrist onboard is extermely useful when avoiding those inconvenient little Courts Martial!

    Anti social, psychopathic personality disorder my arrse!!