Police Racists?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by call_me_jack, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/beds/bucks/herts/6191832.stm

    Can someone please explain why exactly this is racist? It is just another example of political correctness gone too far.

    Incidently why is there a "Black Police Association"? Is there a "White Police Association"? But that's another debate entirely.

    Small rant over.
  2. Tend to agree. If the image shows a real death (rather than an obvious fake) then I think it is morally wrong to disseminate it, whatever the skin colour of the individual, and disciplinary action is appropriate within the context of a supposedly disciplined force. The fact the subject individual is black would only be relevant if somebody had made reference to his race, either in the original email or in subsequent forwardings.

    Accordingly, an error of judgement/taste/standards issue, but not really a race issue.

    But plod are so far up their own PC a**ses they wouldn't be able to see this.
  3. I'm sure if there were any references made to race the BBC would have tok delight in telling us about it. It's the "Association of Black Police Officers" involvement, the fact that the first line is
    and also why mention the fact that the man in the picture was black what relevence does this have?
  4. I live in hertfordshire, and this doesn't surprise me at all....

    Shit management in the cops here, who are badly underfunded and overshadowed by their big brother the Met...

    too busy making sure they arent percieved as "nasty" while half of North Londons Villains have moved here, knowing full well the cops are fucking toothless.

    I live in the town where the county headquarters is located, and I cant remember the last time i saw a fully badged cop.... its all been subbed out to the blue banded heroes ...

    My sister got hit in the face with a hammer 2 summers ago, took 45 minutes for plod to show, and when they did, they agreed they knew who it was, and did fuck all.... cos they were pikeys....

    so i burnt their car :D
  5. I can't believe that has been made into a race issue. Wtf is the matter with these people?


    PS: A search for "alicia Moore" on google did yield some interesting results though :) http://www.google.com.sg/search?q=Alicia+Moore&hl=en&lr=&safe=off&start=10&sa=N
  6. Well done Dung trumpet..... if it really was them...... sure you got the right people and not my car?!
  7. Nope.... well known pikey family.... easily recognisable, as they are all identical due to having no branches on the family tree.

    Unfortunately, their guard dogs havent got any fire fighting qualifications.
  8. inappropriate Yes, racist, why? No worse than the videos that went around some companies of the beheadings in Iraq?

    Wrong- yeah, but not because of the ethnicity of the chap involved, wrong cos he FCUKING DEAD!

    PC tw@ts
  9. Seen the email in question, and before some kn0bber from the IPCC sees this and has a thromby! It was sent to my private email add.
    As far as I could see it had fook all to do with the ethnicity of the fella just the fact that he was running form the cops ( wonder why, had he committed some sort of offence???) and ending up taking his head off on some railings. Sent in typical police/forces black humour style, not really apropriate , but certainly not racist from what I could see, but then again there is more gruesome sh1t getting sent on the net showing death etc .
    Fookin PC Police bosses half of them see racism were it plainly is'nt!!!
    Oh and in my force there was a load of 'innapropriate' emails circulated that came to light but it was all hushed up and people ending up getting no more than a warning, but that may be because some of the worst offendors for circulating the sh1t were senior officers, eg Chief Supers etc.!!!!!!!
  10. Bang on mate. Could not have put it better myself. I have seen the aforementioned clip, and the only racist thing about it is the fact that the Black Police Offrs Association are implying that it is showing a black crim. It was established yesterday that it is a cold hard FACT that blacks are proportionately commiting more crime. More so in the US where although the black population makes up 13 pc of the community, the prison population is more like 30pc. These are FACTS.
  11. Although, the cold hard facts could be open to quite another interpretation my friend.

    Anyway, I have sent yet another email complaining about yet another subject that I learned about on this Forum. The President of the UK's NBPA needs to have a long hard think about when and where he pins that 'racism' label in the future. It can do just as much harm as good. I will be interested in any reply I get from them (but won't be holding my breath).
  12. As far as I can tell it's not racist. In fact what is racist is whoever decided to shout 'RACISM' and start pointing the finger. A very poor use of police time I'll grant you, but certainly not racist. Would it have been racist if the dead man was white and someone who wasn't white watched the video? No it wouldn't have been because it clearly isn't, so why the other way round.

    P.s Crabtastic, I've seen that Chris Rock video before, very funny.
  13. Doesn't seem racist but I must say this...

    The Police seem to be more of a 'Political Police' than ever before, if anyone steps out of line or voices an opinion (unless you are not British white) then they fall on you like a ton of bricks (even seen on Panorama about grannies having a visit for voicing their concerns).

    Might get a bit of flack but thats how I see things nowadays...
  14. i saw that picture at work and it had career-threatening written all over it!

    If it's the same one it was the result of a suspect legging it away from police, failing to look prior to leaping and suffering impailment on the railings. Head on a spike body on the floor (and oddly was shown to me by a black colleague with a cracking set of dreads who found it a useful warning 'don't run from police'-there's a quandry for the pc lobby!)

    It would have been in poor taste whatever the colour (but since when's that stopped the bleak sense of humour running through the job or the army), but given the ethnicity involved you had to be a PRAT to do anything other than delete it and never mention it again.

    A completely self-inflicted wound; everyone (whether you're a peeler or not) knows how hypersensitive (usually white male) senior officers police are about anything that in anyway might be perceived as racist.

    Great on promotion applications "I rooted out racism in loamshire constabulary", regardsless of what ch/supt muppet actually did.