Police provide FAC info to RSPCA !!

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by CptDanjou, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. Hmm.. does that not contravene the data protection act? Anyway WTF do the RSPCA need this information for unless it is to further harass gun owners?
  2. It is a major security issue also.
  3. I understood that the police sell information to anyone willing to pay for it.
  4. If it is true that Chief Constables are providing 3rd parties the location and list of what firearms are held and by whom, then heads will roll.
  5. I believe if you use the search you'll find a thread already about this very issue.
  6. How long before some "anti" RSPCA employee (and theres plenty of them) posts a list of names and address`s of firearms owners along with gun types in their possession ? then followed by houses being raided by crooks stealing to order !!!
  7. Not to mention provision of detail on serving military to an issue motivated group.....
  8. My thoughts exactly.

    This is why firearm holders, particularly in urban areas, keep schtumn about being such.

    Ok, granted, out in the countryside it's a bit different but I would not want ANYONE bar well known shooting partners and family to know I held firearms if I lived some where like Moss Side.
  9. Wish the Police would remember that it is a charity (in illegal uniforms, acting as a federal law enforcement agency). Are the RSPCA subject to SC and DV clearance, do they have Home Office approved Data storage. Also are they licensed as Private Investigators.


    Police response would be along the lines of " oh it lessens the workload on us, "
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  10. Pray what?

    Where is that an issue?
  11. If you read the article it states they can see lots of indepth information of people, its not just FAC owners, so if you had access to this information and since they (RSPCA) arnt SC or DV cleared, who know who could flogg it on
  12. Probably not the rspca IMO, more like the nutters that murdered Lee Rigby, because of twisted interpretations of religious issues.

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  13. What are you smoking Jim?
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  14. Only JPS, so nothing that can explain me labouring under a misapprehension.

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