Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Fifth_Columnist, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. The poor, poor Police have suffered some terrible indignities over the past few years - starting with the change from 'Police Force' to 'Police Service', transitioning through the 'Institutionalised Racism' debacle, still enduring the torrent of paperwork over crime-fighting that is PACE and culminating in their use as the Labour Party's 'enforcers' - stifling protest at the Labour Conference and locking-up protestors in the vicinity of Westminster. However, this really, really takes the biscuit:


    The full story by James May, DT Motoring Correspondent and star of Top Gear (well, perhaps not star, that honour rests with the blessed Clarkson) is on the link below:

    Daily Telegraph Motoring

    I can only agree with his summing up:

    Around here, whoever is in charge of Plod has obviously been suckered into the "branding" movement, and police vehicles display a legend that reads something like "Working together in the community to raise awareness of understanding" (it's not that, but you know what I mean). I'd have "The police - protecting you from the oiks"
  2. I agree that the government of the first class sh*te Bliar has turned our Police FORCES into an arm of his twisted and perverted political ideas.

    The worm will turn however, but not I fear before we are rid of the dangerous psychologically flawed Stalinist successor to Bliar.
  3. Nah, there are too many in the police (and other large institutions) who have capitalised on this and now that they are holding the reins, you can (and should have long, long ago), kiss good bye to policing by consent and with common sense. Form filling is here to stay.

    As for that moped thing....what real purpose does it serve? Bobbies on bikes are effective and I reckon that you'd get a few mountain bikes for the price of one of those.
  4. Does it unfold 'transformers 'style to reveal something - or is that it?
  5. Here is the unfolded version:

  6. And we thought Noddy Bikes (Velocettes ) were girlie.
  7. Could you just turn it right back in and opt to walk?
  8. It's not quite as bad as you think. I was talking to somebody about this recently.

    He reckons that the top and bottom layer of the police are a playground for the loony left. Top cops will sign up to anything to advance their careers. Indeed, they don't have a choice as their careers will stop dead if they don't embrace every crackpot idea that the fiddling Neros at the Home Office dream up.

    The most junior ranks, who have never been led by a Tory Home Secretary, are totally indoctrinated. They have known nothing else during their careers. Post Labour, it will take intensive therapy to get these people asking for black coffee in the canteen without fear of losing their jobs.

    However, in the middle, there exists a layer of sergeants and inspectors who know they're never going to make Chief Constable. They also know what policing was like before Tony. These men and women will be our salvation after the next change of government. All is not lost.

    Interested readers might like to have a look at the Inspector Gadget blog. LINK
  9. What a fantastic vehicle. I can really see the attraction of getting rid of our forces 2.0 Ltr Ford Mondeo's for these electric golf buggy thingies.

    Its only a fad and lets hope like all fads it fades into the distant.

    only a few years ago the Parks Police used to patrol Her Majestys open green spaces on in line skates. Didnt last long.

    Now we have mountain bikes to play with as well. Great idea means we can creep up on lifes scum(opps not scum anymore they are customers) without then hearing us. But because of health and safety fears do I really have to do a weeks course learning how to ride one. leant how to go down stairs,fall off and hop from road to pavement and back again whilst growing up as a kid.

    Dixon of Dock Green only got issued with bike clips.
  10. And they will go forth unto a cave in deepest Somerset and awaken Arthur and his Knights.
  11. Having just watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I hope they leave Arthur and his mates to sleep.
  12. Quick couple of questions
    1) What happens when the "villain" runs across the road and he has to mount the pavement.
    2) What happens when he gets to a hill?
    Seems like someone saw one, thought, "cool, I'd love one of those" and bought a dozen!
  13. onThe latest bunch of Sergeants and Inspectors i know have not got any backbone.

    On my shift there are three probationary constables who whilst in probation have passed the promotion exam.
    What they know about policing is what they have read.

    One person I work with got acting after passing his probation one afternoon a nasty fatality hppened just as I was going home.

    I am the old hand on he shift so guess who had to steer this uniform hanger through the incident??????????
  14. Well pointed out, but it'll not happen as too many in the middle are retiring early. They are not and will not ever be in a position to change anything, irrespective of who is in Government and if you are hoping that the Tories will turn the clock back, forget it. To turn the clock back would take an immense amount of effort by the Home Office and a willingness by the public. I wouldn't bet on either ever happening.
  15. Might be true. Unfortunately, the "good old fashioned copper" - and I've met a few - are outnumbered and, in terms of political clout, outgunned.

    They are also retiring. And who's going to replace them? Exactly.

    I would like to be optomistic. Unfortunately, I think it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.