Police persue suspect to Mosque-and then pause!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. The Times reports today,on a Manchester based British man,subject to a Control Order,who is thought to have left his accomodation,and fled to a local mosque,shortly after the Order was granted.He is now thought to be 'abroad'


    It appears that while police 'sought' to enter the mosque,the man escaped out of a rear door(in a burka?).

    My question:Do police observe such tactics when chasing suspects in all religious buildings in UK ,or just Mosques?
  2. Please consider this mans religious and human rights!
  3. Unfortunately, with the continual ramming down their throats of "RFD" (that's Respect For Diversity, folks) the average copper is quite probably sh*t-scared of offending any member of a minority, and if they had continued the chase into the mosque you can guarantee that every infidel hater in the nation would be out on his soap-box calling for a Fatwah on the GMP, which no doubt would be supported by the Govt, as a trust building measure between communities.
  4. It would seem that 'fatwas' can be issued by any m-mouse muslim cleric.They are often issued by these 'so called' imams,who,themselves,have little formal training.That's 'diversity' for you.No doubt Big Brother will get one,one day!!

  5. You couldn't make it up.

    (that said, it does sound like something out of Benny Hill)
  6. think i'm right in saying that a "fatwa" is simply a religious ruling... rather than the western misconception that it is always some sort of incitement to assassinate salman rushdie / kill all white people.

    just like jihad (struggle) has many interpretations other than "religious war".
  7. Correct.

    The trouble is that fatwas can be issued by any Muslin religious leader, be he an intelligent, well educated man or an illiterate, foaming at the mouth nutter.
  8. Mostly I prefer the foaming at the mouth nutters, you know exactly who you are dealing with then...
  9. I don't know if it was ever recinded but any person could ask the Church for sanctuary and no other authority could remove them, save the Church itself.

    Don't know if it still works, and if it applys to all religouse biulding or not. Would they have been able to chase him in to a church? Would the Vicer of Dibbly given him up?
  10. The right to sanctuary was abolished in 1623.
  11. Dont the cops have someone around the back, just in case?

    Seems more like incompetence rather than PC.
  12. The right of sanctuary within a church has been removed, quite some time ago.
  13. Consider my neck to be wound in then.
  14. Whilst the right to sanctuary might well have been withdrawn, there have been several cases in Yorkshire of individuals claiming sanctuary in churches and it being respected
  15. Glad no-one ever got around to telling the Gerry & Macker club. The 'Right of Sanctuary' saved a few asses in NI in days gone by.