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Police People (PC!) shopping on duty time - is it me??

Police - corrupt or value for money?

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i have just popped down to tesco to buy a few bits and pieces - on a sunday, on MY time. now the following should not have suprised me as it happens every week, but who should i bump into but two PCs complete with uniform and assualt style vests. I am in there for 15 minutes as i try to locate velcro (a long story) and they remain bimbling around with arms loaded with bread and milk and tins of food.

i try to give them the benefit of the doubt - perhaps they have just finished their shift - but timed to perfection, they drive past me in the carpark in (wait for it) ... their police issue squad car!!

FFS - all we hear is that there arent enough officers, and there is too much admin and paperwork for them to be out in the community providing a service, reassurance and presence against crime ... but actually it is just that they want to do their fuck1ng shopping before they finish work.

goddamn it grips me up - am i alone?

fcuk it, i'll turn up to work late on monday and get myself off a disciplinary by showing my tesco receipt - oh no, i dont work for gwent police

is it me?
I work 12 hour shifts (as well as a journey of an hour and a half each way to and from work) as a Paramedic in a response car on my own and during those 12 hours the only way i can get something to eat is to go into a store such as Tescos etc and buy something because we dont get a lunch break like some lucky people, so what do you recommend ?, sometimes i pick up bread, milk etc for the station so that when people are coming on of off duty they can grab something if they get time, which isnt very often.

Since there is no way of predicting where the next call will come on from it doesnt really matter where we are as long as we are available to respond to the call when it comes in, that means we dont go into cafe's and order a sit down meal because you can guarantee as soon as your meal arrives you will be off out on a shout, so we end up eating sh*tty junk food that can be eaten quickly and stuffed back into its bag if needs be as we go.

What a petty minded whinging post, its people like you that complain about the emergency services until you need them and then its a different story, wirte a complaint to your local police station if you feel so strongly, im sure the boys is blue will appreciate your concerns, tw*t...
...however getting caught at a chinese picking up an order, whilst on duty/patrol is a different story.

Why is it one rule for one, one rule for another?
hang on DD - theres popping into the garage to pick up lunch or a pint of milk and there is taking the p1ss and doing your shopping. petty minded it is not. i truly admire you for providing a professional and essential service to the public - that is why i joined the army, however ... i also drive an hour each way to work, and although i only work a 9 hour day on top of that i make and take a packed lunch with me - yep everyday!

every one is entitled to a number of breaks (according to the number of hours worked) however too many people forget that they are the image of their force / company - i would complain if i saw you stuffing big mac in your patrol car, id complain if i saw a soldier throwing litter, and i would complain if a tesco employee was monging about with his / her shirt untucked.

its all about image and professional conduct.

times may change but standards must remain
Plenty of times I've been between locations on ex and taken the det to the supermarket to buy a weeks worth of fresh rations, can't see a problem with coppers in uniform using the shop too, if its during their break time they have as much right to do personal admin as everyone else, after all you'd moan like fack if someone told you you couldn't go get your fags/brew/sarnie at naafi break...
fair enough - i guess its just me being unreasonable

its good sometimes to cast things open to judge how bone youre being

i'll be sure to ask if they are on a break next time ;-)
I disagree, as long as they were available for anything that they might be needed for why cant they be in the shop ?, where would you rather they were, sitting in their car waiting for the next call ?, as i said without knowing where that might be they can never be in the wrong place, whose to say that Tescos wouldnt be a target during christmas shopping time, i know its bloody unlikely but thats the point.

I have been a doing my job for about 18 years and before that i was in the army as well, so i know about public perceptions and what not to do, but i dont see any harm in the police mingling with the great unwashed doing everyday thing as long as they are prepared for anything that may crop up.

You may feel that everyone is entitled to breaks but the fact of the matter is that we are not entitled to a break because apparently to stand a crew down for a meal is putting lives at risk, so i dont apologise if i feel the need to eat or drink while im working, and since i have to be available that means in the car, if you feel thats unprofessional the frankly i dont care, if you had been run over by a bus around the corner from me you would be glad i was sitting there ready to go, and not sitting in a canteen and taking about 10 minutes before i even got back to where it was parked .

I have taken packed lunches in the past but where do you think i eat them, in the car, it doesnt matter if i have to buy my lunch or bring it its still eaten in the car, if the public decide that they are offended by that image then they are welcome to complain to the ambulance service and i will be more than happy to return to my station and take a 30 minute break without interruption, it would certainly improve my health and working conditions.

My standards are as high now as they ever were in the army, but since my army role involved working in small teams and away from all the BS maybe i have more of a realistic outlook than an idealistic one..
hey DD ... you obviously do care ... now i have held my hands up - i am evidently over reacting, and we are all entitled to do that. i wasnt moaning at you ... perhaps i was just judging other people by the standards i set myself - i wouldnt take an army rover to tesco, so wouldnt expect others to. i totally understand your point about being 'ever ready' and that is fair enough for me ... shall we call a truce there?
Onfire, you've obviously got a really great job that allows you to get a set lunch period on. Most police officers are entitled to a 45 minute refreshment break during an 8 hour shift. Now you can take some nice sandwiches in the police canteen if you have the time or you can take your break outside in the world. Where I work, in the police btw, the uniformed PC's are actively encouraged to take their break out amongst the public whether that is sitting at a cafe or popping into tescos to get some soup or sandwiches. The reason behind this is that for an extra 45 minutes uniformed officers are seen out amongst the public and not tucked up in a police canteen. This reassures, most, but not all the whinging members of the public who believe that the presence of uniformed officers deters crime. I am sure Tescos were happy to see them and if your car was in the carpark and some scrotte was trying to break into it, you would be too!

And yes it is you! Cnut!
you have misread my moan - i dont have a problem with lunch, but do have issue with armfuls of shopping.

i do not have a set time for lunch, and i always seem to be working through meals, but that is life. i am entitled 22 days a year holiday, but do not get to take it all because of the demands of work - this is all off the point.

shopping while on duty should not be allowed - this is not lunching or detering crime it is setting a priority and use of resources that is in conflict with your main role. tesco employs security staff but i would rather old ladies werent mugged on the street than tesco being protected against low level shop lifting.

lets get with the programme
Onfire i personaly think you my have over reacted a bit, so they were in a shop for an extended period of time, do you know for certain that the shopping was for their personal use or could it have been for the good and the benefit of the Station, or even a hamper for the local old folk, who knows.

Personally i don't really care if they happen to be in Tesco's when they recieve the call for assistance, as long as they can respond, it probably takes them less time to get back to their car from a shop than it does from the Station canteen.

I have on occasion been shopping using works vehicles and never felt the need to tell myself off.

whoa there cowboys.

i over reacted, i held my hands up and accepted that there were good reasons for them to be there. i see my second error: i responded to people not reading my back-down.

i over reacted - it pissed me off but i was wrong to be a mong
Onfire, jesus you are havin a giraffe aren't you, ffs if people grab a few sarnies or some bits for the rest room or home, as long as they can respond surely thats ok. Not meaning to be upfront lol but stop being such a picky tw^t .
"I wouldn't take an army rover........ blah blah" We do a job and we do it to the best of our ability, but we all need to eat! Are you seriously telling me you never take any liberties in your life, do you never have things to do for home that although its works time are essential? (or maybe you live alone and a few pot noodles will do you alright) If not well done, you surely are the worlds finest person ever, WORK HOME WORK HOME , even that new Robosapien can't beat your dedication, You are amazing.

Get real

What a waste of a thread, mind you with that sort of post you could be at Sandhurst like a shot :lol:
onfire said:
whoa there cowboys.

i over reacted, i held my hands up and accepted that there were good reasons for them to be there. i see my second error: i responded to people not reading my back-down.

i over reacted - it pissed me off but i was wrong to be a mong
Sorry i was taking to long to write my post to see that you had backed down.

Well done to realise you had been a mong and had taken a moral high ground.

All the best

If you ever see any Police Officer doing this you should pull them up, make sure you point out you pay their wages, could easily do their job etc... I'm sure they'll be most accomadating, i know i would appreciate such a brilliant citizen as yourself telling me how to do my job - i do after all tell all manner of people how to do their jobs...... cock.
manchestercop said:
If you ever see any Police Officer doing this you should pull them up, make sure you point out you pay their wages, could easily do their job etc... I'm sure they'll be most accomadating, i know i would appreciate such a brilliant citizen as yourself telling me how to do my job - i do after all tell all manner of people how to do their jobs...... c***.
Not being in any form of constabulary myself I refrained from a total direct hit as I had no right, but good words MC, I know what its like as my lass is on the force. as you say he is an ill informed pr!ck . Backing down now I see as he has obviously seen the light lol
ONFIRE your having a laugh fella, you never been in a service station/tesco when theres been a big ex on its full of rovers and squaddies doing their shopping you go out for 3 weeks away on a bone exercise and have the opportunity to get to a shop and you will. I now this doesnt quite apply to your copper thread but its the same principle. To be fair they are at the end of a radio

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