Police Pensions

Ladies and Gents,

We are currently petitioning HMG regarding the reform of our pensions. We are currently 2k from our target of 100k for it to trigger a debate in Parliament. We are now less than a week from the closing date.

I am not trying to convince anyone on this site of the rights and wrongs of police pension reform. You will all by now have your own views on it. I am simply asking for those that agree with our cause to sign. Those that don't agree, feel free to take the pi$$/ shoot until the targets fall.


The linky thing I suspect is broken.....

If it is; jump onto Police Sgt Thomsett's site (he devised the petition narrative) It's right here:

Nigel Tompsett - Concern over Police Pensions Contributions Increasing

He has a direct link to the site. I would be grateful for any help. From a fellow Arrser (and ex squaddie)



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Ditto and if it wasn't for the pension my mother in law would of been in a bit of bother after her husband died.
30 years on the beat.

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